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I searched this topic, but didn't really find any useful information. My question is: what is the best printer for these Intel-based iMac's running the OS X (10.4.x)??

I know it has to do with the drivers for the printers, but I'm wondering if any printer works better than another? We currently have an HP PSC 2175 All-in-One, but after moving it from our Dell PC to our 17" iMac it's been having weird issues. Sometimes the scanner will crash and when printing from the internet it'll spit out 4 or 5 blank pages before printing and sometimes it just prints blank pages.

I've downloaded the most current driver and software from the HP website, but it still acts weird. I've also tried to contact HP support, but haven't heard back from them yet.

Would getting a newer model of an HP printer help?? Is the driver not even the problem?? Is it the software?? I don't know what to do. I'm going to have to do a lot of scanning, so it'll be annoying to have the program keep crashing.

Anyone know the best printer to use with these Intel-based iMac's??

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    This is really a personal opinion and what a person likes best. I used to like Epson, than starting having problems with every Epson I bought. I really like Canon printers now. They work great, prints are fantastic, and the ink is cheaper than others.
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    I guess it all depends on what you print the most, Jai.

    I use a Canon S820. It's been a good printer (for the past couple of years) for B/W and color prints of text documents and art/graphics files my wife uses in scrapbooking. I've never had an issue with drivers, and I have 2 iMacs that easily recognize the printer as soon as plug it in.

    But it has been only so-so in producing quality color photos, even though it's advertised as a good printer for 4X6 prints. But since I'm not primarily printing my photos from this printer that often (I use commercial shops, instead), that's not an issue for me.

    And it does go through pricey ink cartridges fairly quickly, it seems.

    I'd suggest that, in addition to comments on these boards, you also check out the user reviews at retail sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

    Good luck -- Steven
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    Jal, I think you are actually asking a different question than the title of your post. You say that you want a really iMac Intel compatible printer, but then you also say that you need to do a lot of scanning. So are you really looking for a compatible printer, scanner or another all-in-one?

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    I personally would avoid all-in-one's. One part breaks, the entire unit needs repair or replacement. In the end I would look for separate scanners and printers. My FAQ has links to compatible scanners and printers to Mac OS X:


    Some of which have Intel specific drivers. Those are the ones I'd get.
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    I don't know if it's the "best'. I have had several problems with Epson. I recently switched to a Canon MP500 All in one printer/scanner and it works well with my Intel iMac. One nice thing about the Canon is you can replace the print head if it ever gets clogged. My various Epson printer heads clogged right about the time the warranty ran out. Hopefully that won't happen with the Canon but at least I have a way to fix it if the head does clog.

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    "I personally would avoid all-in-one's. One part breaks, the entire unit needs repair or replacement. In the end I would look for separate scanners and printers."

    1) The cost of a scanner and a printer is more than an "All in one".
    2)The footprint of a scanner and a printer is al least double the size (I know that when I bought my iMac I considered several items including the sleek style without wires hanging out of every orifice), I also read the "All in ones" are leading regular printers in sales. The scanners that are built into the "All in ones" are just as good as their consumer grade counterparts. Just my point of view and obviously everyone is entitled to their own.
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    hii i got a canon pixma mp600 print scan copy for 99.95 after 100 bux rebate. i dont know how it compares to others but it works fast, clear and even has a bluetooth option. can print on normal paper and photo paper from 2 trays and does 2 sided print to name a few. hope this helps
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    I use a Canon S820.

    And it does go through pricey ink cartridges fairly
    quickly, it seems.


    In a reply just prior to yours, donny talks about how cheap the Canon cartridges are.

    I will be looking to change brands when my current ancient Epson dies. I have owned two Epsons, and while I have been happy with their printing, I am definitely not happy with their ink costs. This is made worse by the extremely long ink flush each time you power it on after a few days of not using them. This pumps a lot of that expensive ink out before it is even ready to print a page (and takes a long time too.)

    My old Epson Stylus 500 at least let me carry on printing in B&W when the colour cartridge ran dry but my current 740 will shut down all printing when the colour ink runs out, even if the black cartridge is full and you select B&W printing only.

    What I would like is separate cartidges for black and each colour, (why throw out good colour ink because only one colour is used up?) as well as the ability to keep printing as best it can when one runs out. I would like to be able to remove a cartridge before it is empty and put it back in or swap in another one, without it been unable to tell when the cartridge is really empty, (Is this possible?) unlike the Epson's which forbid you to take out cartridges until they are empty or it messes up its ability to keep track of the remaining levels. And I would like cartidges that hold LOTS of ink and cost as little as possible per page.

    A friend strongly recommended a Canon as cheap to run (he didn't get a chance to speak to my other wishes) and donny's reply seems to confirm that, but you take the opposite side of the fence.

    So I am wondering if Canons vary widely from model to model on that issue. Are some models far cheaper than others?
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    My Canon has individual cartridges that run about 11 dollars each. I have seen canons that have two cartridges, which get more pricey because you are paying for more than one color per cartridge. I definitely prefer the single coloor route.
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    Hey David.Austin.Allen, yeah, I should have said that I'm looking for a good, compatible "all-in-one".

    It seems most of you here agree that Canon is the way to go.

    I wouldn't be into buying a printer and scanner seperately, since it would be more expensive and take up a lot of room. I don't really need a high-end thousand dollar scanner or a fancy-shmancy laser printer. Just something inexpensive, easy to use and reliable.

    I guess I'll have to look into the various Canon brands. Thanks to everyone who chimed in!
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    Some of the best HP All in Oness I've used have been flakey as can be. And then there was a series that had some bad drivers they slowed Macs down. Some won't copy unless you hit the copy button 4 times.

    Seriously all-in-one units aren't worth the money or space you save when you get a unit that easily can break everything you bought it for all at once. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket.
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    My S820 has individual cartridges (K, cyan, magenta, yellow, PLUS photo magenta and photo cyan). They cost about $12 (U.S.) EACH and seem to last me anywhere from a month to 3 months. (The photo colors seem to go empty the quickest, followed by the other cyan and magenta, then yellow, and -- last -- the black.)

    Maybe that's not too much for some users, and I guess I should have tempered my comments to say they seem pricey to me. I'm certain there are other printers out there that cost a lot more to keep filled with ink and, of course, it all depends on your level of use.

    I don't know about Canon's other models as far as price and ink usuage, so I'm not sure how the S820 compares to those models. When I do replace this three-year-old S820, though, the price of ink refills will be factored in to whatever model I get.

    Hope that gives you some indicaton of Canon costs, at least for this model.
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    I agree with brody. I don't do all-in-ones. Too much to break. I have a canon printer and a canon scanner. The scanner is the best I've ever had, and it was about the same price as the printer.