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kickisaacout Level 1 Level 1
So yeah, since I bought my week 32 MacBook back in late August, I've been unbelievably careful with it. It's never been dropped or handled roughly, and when I take it out, it's always in a protective case. HOWEVER, all of that doesn't seem to be enough, because the top plastic layer has cracked in TWO places. And I don't know how the heck it happened.

The first crack I noticed about two weeks ago, and it's a chip on the bottom left-hand corner.

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I didn't say anything because I figured that AppleCare would just think that I dropped it and I'm trying to mooch a new case off of them. However... today, while using it, I take my palm off the plastic layering, and I notice this:

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That's on the right hand side... right where the little protrusion on top of the screen lines up with the plastic covering to prevent the screen from hitting the keyboard. Now, I ALWAYS close the screen gently. And I never put any weight on it when its closed.

So what is going on? Should I report this to AppleCare? I know they dont cover cosmetic issues but I seriously don't believe that a laptop thats over two months old should already be falling apart like this.

  • kickisaacout Level 1 Level 1
    Well? Anything?
  • MAlcozer Level 1 Level 1
    Report it, I do not see the loss in trying to see if they will fix it.
  • dmercer Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same cracking on the right bottom edge of my macbook. I thought about calling applecare, but really don't feel like having to have my macbook out of service for however long. Maybe I should though since others are having the problem. I think it is a combination of the stop that is on the top edge of the screen and my right palm resting on it. It is very frsutrating. I thought about super gluing it.
  • zplus Level 2 Level 2
    calling apple care may not solve your problem cos some have said that they are really there for sotftware problems, i would advice you to take your MB down to your local apple store and ask them to order the part in and replace it for you.
  • Christopher Vigil1 Level 1 Level 1
    Just two minutes ago I lifted up my hand and found the EXACT same damage right above and to the left of the white sleep-light.... I would definitely agree that it is from where the lid closes onto the case... I have taken care of mine too...
    Any luck on getting it repaired?
    Christopher Vigil
  • pamplemousse Level 1 Level 1
    I have got the exact same crack above the sleep light... in fact it's so similar to the second photo is uncanny. Never has this machine been dropped or abused in any way. From my experience, cosmetic issues have never been covered by AppleCare. I had a TiBook whose paint started chipping off and Apple could have cared less. Then I had a AlBook whose palm rest started to oxidize and again, Apple didn't really seem to care too much. I would love to get this fixed because I would like to sell it soon and obviously this is going to affect the resell value.

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  • jamesliu Level 1 Level 1
    I think it's the magnetic latch is a problem. Look at the top left hand and right hand corners above the screen and you see two lines that pop out. Under it are the magnets and where you showed people the cracks was exactly where the two magnet meet so i think that the magnet on both the palm rest and the display bezel where too strong and could have done something like that.
  • gowolverines Level 1 Level 1
    Actually, the problem is due to the lack of support behind that plastic piece. When any compression felt on that corner, the knobs on the lid rest there and can cause that cracking. I just noticed mine tonight and investigated a little. I treat my macbook like a child, but I still have this issue.

    For all the people that are seeing this problem, when was your macbook ordered? I ordered mine at the end of August. So I was wondering if this is a batch thing because the message boards seem to have quite a few lately.
  • etresoft Level 7 Level 7
    I only have a crack near the IR sensor, but that picture looks identical to mine. I think this is definitely a manufacturing defect.

    Still, I don't intend to return mine unless I have any functional problems. I have too much to do right now.
  • Erlenmeyer Level 1 Level 1
    I also have this crack along the right hand side, just above the IR sensor.
  • elmington Level 1 Level 1
    I don't have any cracks, but I've noticed that I can see the sleep light through this layer. For instance when the display is off, and the macbook is open, the light is solidly on and easy to see from above through the plastic. Not a big deal, but curious. Is this in general, or just a quirk of mine?
  • Feynman Level 1 Level 1
    Mine just cracked - almost identical to the photo.
    Mine was also an August 06 machine (Australia)
  • Adam G83 Level 1 Level 1
    Mine has done the same thing, and whats funny is that mostly it appears to only happen on the right side
  • Mikey24 Level 1 Level 1
    I had cracking on the left side a long the side and also started on the left corner just the below the flat top. I took pics and sent it to the depot they replaced the lower case a fan and also the hard drive bumpers or something like that. I also had issues where the mic wasn't working but I think they fixed that too. I still see the warped flat top which i think is caused by the magnet closure tabs but that is no issue so far.
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