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xxfriend2everyonexx Level 1 (0 points)
all my songs in itunes are gone
there is nothing in the recycling bin
and worst of all they were all from cds i dont have anymore
now my question...

how do i get them all back?

sony viao, Windows XP Pro
  • The Mimico Kid Level 6 (10,325 points)

    now my question...

    how do i get them all back?

    If you don't have the cd's and don't have any back-up copy then your options are fairly limited.

    All I can suggest is you do a thorough search of your computer's hard drive to see if your songs are just temporarily missing. Have a look at this article in the Apple Knowledge Base for a general strategy for doing so.
  • xxfriend2everyonexx Level 1 (0 points)
    thank you
  • The Mimico Kid Level 6 (10,325 points)
    You're welcome.
  • Genghisackroyd Level 1 (0 points)
    Are they gone just from your computer or are they gone from your iPod as well?
  • stu89 Level 1 (0 points)
    Are they gone just from your computer or are they
    gone from your iPod as well?

    hey i need help i've done a similar thing and have lost about half my songs and dont have them backed up but i still have them all on my ipod what can i do please???
  • ali1son Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem. My hard drive crashed and had to be replaced. How can I get these songs downloaded again? iTunes has a record that I purchased, I assume this is doable.
  • Colin Robinson Level 6 (8,315 points)
    Sorry ali1son, looks like the answer is no on that one:

    Why do I need to back up my music library?
    Be sure to make regular backups of your music files (in your iTunes Music folder) by copying them to an external hard disk or other media. Otherwise, if your hard disk becomes damaged or you lose any of the music you've purchased, you'll have to buy any purchased music again to rebuild your library.

    Taken from:

    Colin R.
  • pilaar39 Level 1 (0 points)
    I am very new to the whole itunes/ipod scene, but it is my understanding that once you have transferred songs onto your ipod with itunes, and then lose the source files on your pc, then you are SOL. That is, if you don't have the orginals on your PC, you cannot transfer them back to your PC from the ipod. get RedChair's Anapod software, which they claim WILL allow you to transfer your ipod tunes back to your PC. ref:

    Btw.. it is also my understanding that itunes does not touch our actual music files. The library only contains 'pointers' to the original source files.. so, check your folders.. they may still be around somewhere. Again, I am new to itunes, so my understanding of the operation my not be entirely correct
  • NWrld2016 Level 1 (0 points)
    Theresa, I may have the answer to your missing songs.
    Let me know if you still are unable to find them.
    Avi (
  • mudkeh Level 1 (0 points)
    hi check what view you are using at the top where it says view it could be that you are viewing a wrong window within i tunes make sure the search bar is clear then go through the various view options
  • dza13579 Level 1 (0 points)
    actually, if you have the songs on your ipod, you can get them back on your computer. you plug in your ipod, and open it from your MY COMPUTER (it should show up as an external drive, maybe labeled "ipod" or "F:", somethin like that). open that drive
    so, you're accessing the ipod's hard drive (not from itunes though. from MY COMPUTER). all the songs should be there. you might have to go to FOLDER OPTIONS and click to show hidden stuff. futz around. if it's on your ipod, you WILL be able to access it from your computer and transfer them back.
    BUT, songs you've bought, you might not be able to play in itunes, cuz of the stupid privacy apple put on each song when you bought it from itunes. IF, you originally transferred them from a cd, to your computer, to your ipod (meaning, you didn't pay for them on itunes), THEN you can play them on itunes.
    oh yeah, the files will be there, but they probably won't be labelled correctly. you'll probably get a bunch of folders, each w/ a few files, randomly labelled w/ numbers and letters (like "N22JSZ"). that part *****. just double click the file, so it plays in itunes. your itunes will decipher it, and all the correct information will show in your itunes.
    got it? this works. i've done it. hope that helps. if you need help, email me (

      Windows XP  
  • mr_atoms Level 1 (0 points)
    I bought a new pc in october,transfered my music from my laptop to the pc,installed itunes and added my music/created my playlists.A month later i opened itunes and all my music was gone.
    So,i sorted it all out,or so i thought,then yesterday the same thing,all my music was gone.
    I was told that if i exported the itunes music library i would be ok.Wrong,it didnt work.
    So,put all my music back in,didnt have time to do all the playlists,so closed itunes.
    Opened it up a couple of hours ago and,what do you think i saw?Nothing,no music yet again!
    Ive just spent over an hour putting 2000+ songs back in,but im now worried that if i do all my playlists this problem is just going to keep happening.
    Any idea why itunes is doing this?earlier versions never did this to me,friends with older versions dont have any problems with music going missing.
    Im seriously considering never using itunes again!
  • pilaar39 Level 1 (0 points)
    Mr Atoms..

    I think you need to clarify what you mean by "adding music" and "losing" it.

    With iTunes, you can "add to library", which really does not affect your actual music files.. all this does is adds a "pointer" to where your music files are located. So, can keep your music separate from iTunes.. and iTunes just reads them from there, using the pointers in the library to find them.

    If you are using this method, are you losing the library.. ie, the pointers, or are you losing the actual music files?

    I believe you can also "import" music files directly into iTunes, but personally, I would not do that. If this is what you are doing, then is this what you mean by losing your files, ie, the actual music files are gone?

    Also, is your problem with the loss of music only within iTunes? Or when you hook up the iPod and sync, is it deleting all the music from the iPod too?
  • fcrawford Level 1 (0 points)
    ok, my computer had crashed a week ago i just got a new razar v3i and now need all my songs back so i downloaded itunes to my moms computer but i need to get my songs from my ipod to my comupter i followed all the intructions you gave the one that you go through my computer. that didnt work out for me,

    so my question is can you explain it more and if there is another way to do it?
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