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I recently made the mistake of upgrading to iTunes 7.01 (7). Ick.

1. The menu line does not draw correctly (where it says "Name, Track, Album, etc." - it's knocking out the background to thick black blocks, and drawing grey words on top of the black, making the titles nearly unreadable. If I shrink the window down the minimum and then expand it again, the problem corrects itself.
2. If I'm near the end of listening to a song and click the "cursor" back to the beginning to hear it again, it starts playing that song ON TOP of the next song in the playlist.

I'm used to each version of iTunes being worse than the previous one, but I've never run into a version this bad before.

In addition - two other suggestions, in case someone from Apple reads this...

1. If I want to listen to a song, and then listen to NOTHING, please give me that option. In other words, I do NOT want to listen to a song and then have the program go on to the next song in the playlist. ****, I don't even WANT the songs I listen to automatically added to my playlist. But since Apple insists on thinking for me, it does this automatically AND plays the next song on the playlist, and won't allow me to stop.

2. You know, scrolling the version number for iTunes in the "about iTunes" window is cruel, since if I miss it, I have to sit through 15,000 words of legalese (in 2 point, illegible type, no less) in order to get to it. Keeping it on the screen would be a better idea.

iMac 17" Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Ahh! Looks like someone else noticed, as I found an iTunes upgrade which addresses the two main problems described here.
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    I take it back.

    In the last couple of weeks, even with the new version, both problems described above manifest themselves.

    I wish I could go back to the older iTunes.
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    I hope someone from Apple will read this. Whenever I finish a song and skip the following song the iTunes will not give me a play count for the one I listened to. I hope this bug will be dealt with in the next update because it is quite annoying. Thank you.
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    I've had problem one that you described since iTunes 7 came out. the updates since have done nothing to fix it. I've found that forcing the program to redraw will temporarily fix the prob, but on restart does it again. As far as automatically adding music, that could be turned off in previous versions I think, but I can't find the option any more. I have the same feelings about that. Hopefully there's another update on the way.
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    Agreed -- 7.0.1 *****, and 7.0.2 does not seem improved at all. I kinda feel like I'm using an MS application. Sorry to say, I don't think I'll switch to PC anytime soon, but apple is loosing major credibility for me with these 2 releases.
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    Wow, and apple edits out the four letter word beginning with "S" which I was using to describe iTunes 7. How apt.
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    If you want to listen to just one song, make a playlist of just that song and play it. Then you throw the playlist away and make a new one next time.