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Last I had a power outage, now my ethernet connection does not work, I have switched cable powered everything off and back on, still nothing. Also since the outage when my MAC goes to sleep it does wake back up. Any Ideas?????

IMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • Steve M. Level 5 (4,740 points)

    Try booting up from the Tiger install disc (put disc in, restart, hold C key down as soon as you hear chime, release C when you see the spinning gear). Then select your languag, go to Disk Utility, select your startup disk and choose Repair Disk. Then quit installer and reboot normally.

    Then when booted normally, do to Disk Utility, select your startup disk and Repair Permissions. Post back.

    It is not good for a computer to experience a power outage while booted up. Various things can get messed up. After you get straightened out, I would strongly suggest getting an uninterruptible power supple (UPS or battery backup). I use one made by APC and think they are a very important accessory to have.

    Steve M.