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i need help bad! i have a mac g4 - version os9.2.2 that i was given. i just got internet service on it-verizon dsl and it is not working properly. the techs at verizon said that i needed to update my browser, but i am not sure what that means. they said i need to update it to 10.2 version. i called apple but they will not support me because of the age of the computor. what would be the upgrade that i should get and where can i get it for the cheapest cost? apple said to search on line but i cannot navigate these sites well.
any suggestions on a minimal upgrade and a place to purchase???

macg4 9.2.2, Mac OS 9.2.x
  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8 (46,550 points)
    Kithy, welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Your current browsers are probably outdated. One of the best for OS 9 is Wamcom's Mozilla browser. Download (free) at:

    Cheers, Tom
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    Hello Kithy,

    OS9 and Internet Explorer will work just fine with Verizon's DSL; they may not be officially supported, and you may have gotten a techie unfamiliar with Macs or OS9. You should have the latest upgrade of IE which is 5.1.7 although the original install which I think is 4.5 should work. I just installed from an OS9 CD last night and I checked to see before I upgraded. You may have to search these posts or Google to find the download link for the latest version; it's no longer available from Microsoft.

    I suspect you may be having other troubles installing.

    iCab should work, too, and - although I don't use Mozilla myself - if Tom says it works you may take it to the bank.

    If you decide to go to OSX (which I find more capable but less user-friendly), avoid 10.2 (Jaguar) and get either 10.3 (Panther)(my favourite) or 10.4 (Tiger). I got my copy of Panther from http://Applerescue.com for $59.

    In my experience, OSX browsers Safari, IE, and Firefox all work well, although there are some differences.

    Good luck ..... Jon
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    A couple of source sites for IE 5.1.7 -

    evolt - IE 5.1.7
    This one has several different language choices.

    nickshanks - IE 5.1.7