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Bill Aviles Level 2 (215 points)
I had assumed that the album artwork that iTunes 7 provided would only be from music available on iTunes. It made sense; no Beatles artwork, no AC/DC, no Led Zep. However, some albums that aren't available at the iTunes store automatically appear. Most notably, of all things, the album "Conquer the Video Craze"; an obscure record that teaches you how to play Pac-Man and Stargate. When I saw that THIS appeared, I started checking others. There are a lot of albums that aren't available on iTunes, yet the artwork is downloaded. Where does it come from?

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  • macmenno Level 6 (10,075 points)
    I also could download artwork of albums which are not available in the Dutch iTunes Store (the only one available for my purchases).
    Searching in other Stores I found the albums, so I guess the artwork has to be stored on a central server or the artwork request is redirected to others Stores' servers.
    No information is known to me where it actually comes from.