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I have had my iPod just over a week now on Windows, and everything was running smoothly for a few days, until I tried to eject my iPod and it came up with a message saying something about it being used by another application. This only appeared once.
Now I have seen other threads with the same problem and read through them, but my iPod does not show up under My Computer, so none of the other threads help much.
In addition, my iPod can charge on my computer, but does not show up anywhere in iTunes, so I can't change anything on my iPod.

Can anyone please help?

Windows XP
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    Have you tried doing any of the 5 R's (excluding the Restore since iTunes is not showing your iPod)?
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    Not yet, as I am not sure if any of them will erase my songs, and if that happens, then I will have absolutely no songs.
    Although, I have tried everything but the Resetting. Still, no luck.
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    The only step in the 5 R's that will erase the songs on yuor iPod is the final R which is the Restore. The songs on your iPod, are they not in your iTunes library at all?
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    Yes. I just realised that.
    And yes, my songs are on iTunes but if I Restore and my problem cannot be fixed, then I won't have any songs on my iPod as iTunes is not picking up on my iPod when it's in the USB port.
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    Ok, you state that iTunes is not showing your ipod but is windows showing it (look in "My Computer" and see if it shows as an external drive). If so, take a look at this article and see if it helps you any at all if you have not done so already:
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    No, my iPod is not showing in My Computer, so that rules that out, sadly.
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    Ok take a loof at this article. It goes through a series of possible things that may be going on as to why your iPod is not showing in windows and/or iTunes. Some won't apply at all and some may. Note that at the begining of the article it suggests you check and go through all things in the article to make sure. The final suggestion is that your iPod may need servicing or replacement. After going through everything in the suggestion and it does not work I would go with that idea and suggest that you contact Apple (unless you purchased at a retailer and are still within their return period...then I would suggest taking it back to that retailer for an exchange.).
    Good luck!
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    i have also had problems syncing my ipod with my itunes. however my problem is as little different. i just got my ipod yesterday, and i havent done anything with it yet, but when i connect it with my usb cord, a pop-up on itunes says, "ipod can not be updated. required file not found." can anyone help?