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I usually use Firefox for my internet browser, but recently it stopped working. When I clicked on it the icon would hop once and then stop and the application would not start up. I then tried to install the program again, but when I clicked "replace" to reinstall it, my computer imediately froze so that I could not even move the mouse. (The mouse icon did not even change to the ominous ball). Also if I try to throw away the Firefox file, my computer will hard freeze as well. What can I do? Is there a way I can remove this file from my computer?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    It sounds like the problem is bigger than Firefox. Are you seeing any similar behavior in other applications, i.e. freezing, crashes etc.?
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    Every now and then if I have a lot of programs open one will unexpectedly quit, and if I have my desktop patern change every 5 seconds while running a number of programs the computer may freeze. Also, sometimes my CDR/DVD drive will become "removed" so i have to eject and reinsert the CD/DVD to get it to play again. These are the only problems I have experienced though, nothing similar to the Firefox problem.

    iMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
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    The symptoms you describe could be the result of directory corruption.

    It would be helpful to run the "repair disk" function in Disk Utility. Insert your Panther Installer DVD (disk 1). After it loads, restart the system, holding down the C key when the screen turns dark. Once the grey Apple screen appears you can let go of the C key.

    When the DVD is fully loaded, select Disk Utility in the Installer menu. A window will open showing your HD on the left. Single click on your HD, then select "repair disk" in the lower right of the screen. If errors appear during the "repair", rerun the utility until you get a clean pass. Then quit the Utility and Installer, letting the computer restart.

    After you return to your desktop, "repair permissions" using Disk Utility in your Utilities folder.
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    Ok I tried it and it fixed some files which is good But Firefox is still giving me the same problems.
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    Good you cleaned up the directory. Directory corruption can trigger a snowball effect in the system spreading corruption. The best approach for addressing directory corruption issues is to use Disk Warrior. In my opinion, a potent tool for keeping a system clean and avoiding a reinstall of the OS (never a pleasant task).

    Regarding Firefox, the preference file may be corrupt. You can find org.mozilla.firefox.plist in your User Library/Preferences folder. Move it to the desktop and restart Firefox. If the application opens, you'll need to reset your custom preferences.

    Post back and let me know how you made out.
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    I just tried reinstalling firefox again and it worked, so I guess repairing the directory did the trick XD. Thanks so much for your help.
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    You're welcome. Glad everything is back on track.

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