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Hello All,

I purchased a Mac Mini for my parents (the Dell's gotta go!), and I would like to configure it for them from my iMac, (both are Intel Core Duo's).

This is a sanity check... I'm planning to have the iMac up and running, disconnect my iMac keyboard, connect the keyboard to the Mac Mini, connect Firewire to both, boot the Mac Mini holding the "T" key down. Then when the Mac Mini shows up on the iMac, I'll move the keyboard back to the iMac and go to startup drive, choose the Mac Mini to boot from.

Will this work, can I go through the Mac Mini and to configure, install software, and use the Combo Drive on the Mac Mini as viewed through the iMac monitor?



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    That should work just fine. Essentially, you would be booting the iMac from the Mac Mini as if the Mac Mini were simply a hard drive.

    So, you should not have any trouble there.

    The Mini should then just boot-up and work normally once you connect it to a monitor.

    Basically, all you are doing is using a different computer to configure the programs on the hard drive. And, the Mac OS does not treat the various computers differently. So, the fact that the installation was first run on an iMac will not affect the behavior of the OS running on the Mini.

    I hope this helps.

    Let us know if you have other questions.

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    Hello mhunter,

    I think my question may have been confusing, I'll try rephrasing it.

    * The Mac Mini is new and hasn't been booted yet.
    * I don't have a keyboard, mouse, or monitor for the mini.
    * I want to start the mini up and install some software on it before I take it to my parents, (they will have a Dell monitor, mouse, and keyboard for the mini).

    I was wondering if it's possible to boot the mini through my iMac, and use the iMac monitor, and keyboard to run the mini during software installation on the mini?

    Thank you so much for your help, I didn't know if doing it this way would cause issues on my iMac. Both are CoreDuo.


    iMac 20" 2GHz Intel CoreDuo   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2 GB Ram
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    Yes, what you're suggesting should work just fine. If you startup the iMac from the Mac mini's hard drive in FireWire Target Disk Mode, you will be able to run through the original setup. You can create users, setup the networking options and install software for your parents before you give them the computer.

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    Sorry for the delay in my reply. Yes, Doug is correct. It will work just fine.

    Understand that essentially you will be using the iMac as the computer and the Mac Mini as if it were the iMac's boot drive. So, technically, you will not be running from the Mac Mini computer. You will just be running from it's hard drive.

    But, yes, it will work fine. And, it will permit you to install all the software on the Mini and run the setup and whatever else you would like to do.

    And, once you are done, the mini will work just fine once you set it up as a stand-alone system.
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    Thanks so much, you guys are great. I give you both 100 points.... =;-)

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    You're welcome. Glad to help
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    I'm wondering quite the same thing: I would like to know if it's possible to connect my intel imac to an intel macmini to install mac os x server on the mini.

    I would like to use the imac as a screen and its keyboard and mouse.

    Thanks for your help.

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    imac, mini, intel, macbook (ppc & intel)   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
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    I have an eMac with virtual PC 7.x with Windows XP Pro SP2 intalled.
    Using firewire could I perhaps transfer my working PC OS from my eMac to my intel solo mini?