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Hi, I have been given a 1GB iPod nano as a present but being computer iliterate cannot figure out how to put music from iTunes on the iPod. I have, using CD's & some songs from iTunes Stores built a playlist of my favourite tracks. However, although my list has 95 songs on it, it will only load 22 of these onto my iPod. What am I doing wrong !! I am using iTunes 7.02 so have the most up-to-date software but don't know why I can't get the rest of my songs onto the iPod. If someone can tell me in english how to do this, I would be most grateful ! I have also tried deleting the songs from the iPod and starting again but iTunes won't allow me to delete these either! Thanks

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    Chances are you have imported your Cd's in a uncompressed format which generates huge file sizes, such as WAV or Lossless. To check this, iTunes>Preferences>advanced>importing tab. The second & third windows will tell you the format & bitrate. Also, right click on a couple of songs that are in iTunes, then click "get info", post back with the total file size that is shown. When you post back, include the import setting from above.
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    Hi, thanks for you reply. I thyink I have included the info you wanted!
    In iTunes under the import tab, it says:
    On CD Insert: Ask to import CD
    Import Using: AAC Encode
    Setting: High Quality (128kbs)
    Details: 64 kbps (mono)/128 kbps (stereo)
    underneath this, the 1st 3 boxs are ticked.
    When I right-click on some of the songs in itunes here is the response:
    1 of the songs that did load onto my ipod (orignally on my old MP3 player):
    Size 2.2MB / Format MPEG-1 , Layer 3
    1 of the songs that did load onto my ipod from a CD:
    Size 3.1MB / Kind AAC Audio File
    I purchased 2 songs from iTunes - neither of which went onto my iPod, Here is the info for 1 of these:
    Size 3.5MB / Kind Protected AAC audio file
    1 of the songs that did not load onto my ipod from a CD:
    Size 4.5MB / Kind AAC audio file (I copied 3 songs from this particular album and 1 went onto my iPod but this one and another did not.)
    I never had this problem with my old MP3 Player. I presume there is a way around this with iTunes ?? Otherwise, will be reverting back to my old MP3 !

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    Your import setting is fine. The song file information you have posted indicates that everything there appears to be fine. I need to do some checking to see what else is going on, so let's try to get everything off the Nano before we start anything else.

    In order to start with a clean slate on the Nano, I think the best thing to do is restore the Nano back to factory setting which will include removing all the music. The following link will explain what to do to restore.

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    I forgot one thing when I posted earlier. How big is the playlist you're trying to sync to the Nano? Highlight the playlist in the source pane in iTunes, then look at the bottom of the iTunes window, you should see the size of the playlist there.
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    Hi, thanks for your response. For some reason, I tried to restore my iPod twice on iTunes and both times my PC froze and I had to keep turning it off and on again ! However, after the 2nd attempt to do this, I chkd my iPod and some how, the reminder of my songs had downloaded on the iPod !! Dont know how,why,when Couldn't tell you how I managed to do this but they are now all on my iPod ! Many thanks anyway for your assistance - I may have to refer back to you in the future if I have any more problems ! If you can answer the reason why my songs are now on my iPod, please do ! Thanks again.

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