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I have just bought a MacBook Pro and want to use it in my office and while travelling because I was having such problems with my portable PC. So what to do in the office?? In the office I have a big HP machine that handles the network.

I have an old PowerMac 9500/200 and am wondering whether I should buy the latest operating system to be able to interface with other PCs and my MacBook or whether I should dispose of the PowerMac and buy a new iMac or a MacPro.

Would the new operating system be OK with such an old machine? If not, is there a market for them?

9500/200   Mac OS 9.0.x   I have a brand new MacBook Pro

9500/200   Mac OS 9.0.x   I have a brand new MacBook Pro
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    Thom, welcome to Apple Discussions.

    The 9500 does have an ethernet port, so it's possible to network it. The max OS fro the 9500 is OS 9.x. With a processor speed of 200MHz, it's quite slow by today's standards. If you did get it networked, what would you use it for? There's not much of a market for Macs prior to the G3 models.

    You would be better off with a G4 iMac or Power Mac with at least a 400MHz processor speed, both of which are OS X capable. In the US you could get a low-end G4 for $150-200USD. To run OS X you need a Mac with at least 256MB RAM, preferably 512MB.

     Cheers, Tom
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    Thanks. It would be used for being the main server for the printer on the network at home (4 computers) as well as being the main computer in my office, interfacing with a scanner, fax and a series of external hard drives. It looks as if I shall dump it and buy new. My only hesitation is the material I have on the hard drives but I hope to add it to the network, extract all the information and then format the hard drive (I assume one can do that - it has OS 9) prior to disposing of it.

    9500/200   Mac OS 9.0.x   I have a brand new MacBook Pro
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    If you haven't done so already, I'd install a USB PCI card in the 9500. You'd also need to install the USB support drivers, which can be extracted from the OS 9 CD using "TomeViewer." It's the equivalent of using WinZip to extract Windows CAB files. Post back if you're interested in the procedure. After loading the USB drivers, restart the computer and then connect an external USB hard drive or flash memory drive (depending on the number of files). After transferring the files from the 9500's internal SCSI drive(s), restart the computer from the OS 9 installer CD and use "Drive Setup" to reformat the 9500's internal hard drive. Under "initialization options," be sure to select both "low-level format" and "zero all data," to wipe the drive prior to reinstallation of the OS and eventual disposal of the computer. An online search should find a few freeware utilties for thoroughly wiping the hard drive, if you want an extra level of erasure of your personal files.
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    I am not sure you would want to be moving your 9500 from home to office to use as a file server, print server, or main computer so I am still not sure what you have in mind.

    If you have an ethernet LAN with PCs, what software are you using? "Dave" is a popular choice for networking software. What are you using now with the 4 computers at home? Are they all PCs, Macs, or some of each.

    What printer are you using at home? A network printer like the 4/600 or 16/600 would be a very affordable network printer and eliminate the need to have a computer dedicated to use as a print server.

    Are you saying that you would use your laptop as your main computer - carried back and forth to work and dispose of the 9500? If you are doing word processing as a main task, the 9500 will be plenty fast. If you are on the web alot, anything less than a G3 will seem slow.

    Just some thoughts and even more questions. : )