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hi there, i've been trying to fix my first generation ipod nano for ages.

all my songs got erased on my ipod and i was forced to reformat. when i try to connect it to itunes, it doesn't read it. i updated the ipod software many times, and even downloaded itunes 7, and it detects it.

however, it says that my ipod is corrupt and when i try to "restore" it through itunes, they say i dont have a working internet connection. but it DOES work. i've tried going into the internet settings to fix it, but no use. also, sometimes, it doesnt let me "safely remove hardware", and this bubble pops up saying "delayed write failed". what am i supposed to do?

please help if you can!


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    Download version 1.2 firmware update (last downladable version) through following Apple support site (or use older firmware version on CD bundled with iPod purchase). Restore your iPod with the updater in Windows. Download and install latest Windows versioin 7.0.2 of iTunes from the same website. Start up the new iTunes application in Windows and try to access iTunes Store through your existing Internet connection. If all go well (Internet connection and iPod firmware update are successful), proceed in iTunes to update iPod firmware to latest version 1.3 (updater is not available for download). You have to confirm both Internet and USB connections are working before attempting to update firmware in iTunes.

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