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Todd Heberlein1 Level 1 (30 points)
From time to time my system gets in a strange state where, when selecting a menu in the menu bar or when right-clicking for a contextual menu, the available menu items no longer highlight in blue when I move my mouse across them.

For example, if I click the "File" menu in Safari and drag my mouse down the items (e.g., "New Window"), usually every selectable item is highlighted in blue. But during this weird state, that doesn't happen. I can still select the item, however.

A potentially related problem is that the mouse seems to jump around the screen. I will be moving it around somewhere in the center of the screen, and suddenly it appears in the upper left.

A second, potentially related issue is that Safari seems to crash on me more frequently.

I don't know if all three problem (missing blue highlights, jumping mouse pointer, and Safar crashing) are related. Has anyone else had these problems? Is anyone else having similar problems?

PS. I have run disk utilities, repaired permissions, rebooted, etc.

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  • Guylaine D'Amours Level 2 (185 points)
    Hi Todd,

    I had this problem a while back... It was a mouse problem. Is your mouse wireless?

    Try unplugging it (usb and power) then reconnect it. That did it for me.


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