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Jim Stembridge Level 2 (170 points)
I want to password protect it so the kids can't just run the mail app and get into my mail....which anyone can do right now. How do I make it ask for a password?

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  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,395 points)
    Hello Jim.

    You can't but you can prevent your kids from accessing your mail and all other information/data in your Home folder/directory by creating a separate single user login account for all your kids (without admin privileges) or a separate user login account for each child/family member without admin privileges. Disable automatic login and enable Fast User Switching which makes the process of switching between multiple computer login accounts a fast and easy process.

    With automatic login disabled, no one else can access your login account during a computer startup, restart or via Fast User Switching so ALL data in your Home folder/directory will be kept private, separate and protected from anyone else that uses the computer and the same for all other user login accounts. The Home folder/directotry for each user's login account is kept separate and protected from other users.

    OS X is designed for multiple users in this way.

    Before stepping away from your Mac, simply log off from your account.