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i recently downloaded videora ipod converter i can get the video to transcode from windows files to quicktime mp4 files that play video on itunes but i can't get the sound to go with it. If anyone could help me i would really appreciate it. thankyou

pc, Windows XP, dell
  • william scott1 Level 4 Level 4
    I too have had problems with Videodora, some of my movies worked great, some I had a voice sync problem about halfway through, and some no sound. I have read good and bad post about videodora. Try this link maybe it will help:

    I got tired of videodora and switched to streamclip, it is a great program and I have not had an issue with it yet. It is fairly straight forward to use and I would recomend it over vidodora. But as with most software programs, there will be a thousand who love it and an equal number who hate it. Although I have not read anything negative on streamclip. It is now available for us with windows. Here is the link:
  • fidler Level 1 Level 1
    hey thanks for the reply ive already tried that guide its a little confuzing to me, i couldn't get the streamclip to work im trying to take tv recording from media center and put them on my ipod with videora i could get the video but no sound with stream clip i tried opening file but it said file not supported cannot open, anyother ideas would be greatly appreciated
  • william scott1 Level 4 Level 4
    Really do not have anymore ideas, I am not an expert by anyway shape or form on converting. I have not had any problems with streamclip, I would let this post sit for awhile and see if anyone will get back, there are some great resources out here and you should get an answer soon. If not give it one bump and see what happens.
  • Alvaro Higuero Level 2 Level 2
    If you go to the videor aipod converter forums you will find lots of information ther.e also on the ilounge forums ad if you also search for my posts, I have summarized the videroa settings to the ones that I use (and I know they work). I hav enot had problems with those settings with nay of the firmware that apple has put out.

  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 Level 6
    A lot of the problems people have with video conversion posted here trace back to videora. The audio sync issue is a known bug, at least for the past several months(judging by post here).

    Best advise I can gice, avoid using videora.

    MPEg streamclip works perfectly(does support less file types).
    I have successfully used media coder for the few things I have used a PC to convert. take a look at it here:
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    Well, I have iPod Media Studio which worked flawlessly with iPod firmware 1.0 and 1.1 but with 1.2 it now becomes jumbled as if it is being blocked or something.

    Most strange and frustrating.
  • Alvaro Higuero Level 2 Level 2
    Jonathan I do not want to go into a fruitless argument here but most of the problems that people have with vidoora are related to people not using it properly. Before I started using it I went to the videora forums and did the homework (settings, profiles, etc) before I started encoding.

    I have converted the following videos directly from their DVD sources:

    Band Of Brother (the mini series)
    The Matrix Trilogy
    Clone Wars Vol 1 & 2
    Star Wars (all 6 episodes)
    Rush: Runs in Rio DVD Concert
    Dream Theater: Live at Budokan DVD Concert
    Megadeth: Rude Awakening DVD Concert
    Firefly: The complete Series
    Firefly: Serenity te movie
    Farscape: Seasons 3 and 4
    Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
    100+ music videos from different sources

    Videora is just a frontend for ffmpeg and as long as you configure the flags (as stated in the videora forums to avoid audio out of sync for example), your video will always be fine.

    This is specially true for the first movie of the matrix and the prequels for star wars.

    If the program did not work as intended, I would be the first to tell people that... but the program only does what the user tells it to do and if the profiles are not configured correctly the results will be crap...

    I'm exploring other alternatives, like xilisoft and nero recode, specially to encode to a 640x480 resolution but the results have been hit and miss.

    In Summary: in order to properly use videora you have to do your homework. The forums at videora or better yet, the forums at are full of useful information to help users encode video for the ipod.
  • Alvaro Higuero Level 2 Level 2
    You may have to review the profiles that you are using for your video encoding program...
  • william scott1 Level 4 Level 4
    There is a problem with videodora, it is not very user friendly and does take a lot of homework. That is a problem. They do not state even that you have to do your homework and that there are settings that you may have to do to get the program to operate properly. This is a problem to alot of people, me included. I don't want to have to get a program and then do all kinds of settings and homework to get it to work. I want to download, plug it in and hit enter and have it work the first time. Streamclip does that for me. There may be a couple of formats that it does not read, but I have not run into them yet. So the bottom line there is a flaw in the program, only if it is not very clear documentation or confusing documentation, or even just being difficult for the average user. I will go with Jonathan, it is a confusing program with problems. So people need to be aware of that.
  • Alvaro Higuero Level 2 Level 2
    Fair enough William. Back in the day when the video ipod came out I think that videora was hte only available program on the PC (for macs it was handbrake and isquint).

    And yes, it is cumbersome to configure. These are the settings that I'm using (check my last post):

    There is a difference between a flaw in the program (which I do not think it has, but since I'm not the developer I would not know for sure) and a failure of design, documentation, etc.

    Definitely there are better programs less complicated out there (xilisoft comes to mind here).

    But I would rather say that videora is not an easy program to use (specially because it has not been updated in a while because it was the first free tool that supported video encoding for the ipod).

    A year has gone by and of course there are better and easier tools out there....

    Now if I could just encode that video in 640x480 and be pleased with the results......
  • william scott1 Level 4 Level 4
    On the streamclip website they say that there is a 640x480 in the works, maybe it will work but who knows, been through enough beta tests to not get my hopes up at first. Is there a pay program that will do the 640x480 that is any good? And did not mean to come down on videodora, have used it, but confusing it is.
  • kEat0n Level 4 Level 4
    How was my post incorrect?

  • Alvaro Higuero Level 2 Level 2
    Hey William don't worry I do not own it nor I have any stake it

    Xilisoft and PQ DVD are not free but both say they do 640x480 but the results are not that good (xilisoft)...I see some pixels in certain action sequences (episode 3 the first chapter)

    I'll try to test more over the weekend with xilisoft...
  • Alvaro Higuero Level 2 Level 2
    Which Post Keaton?
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