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I purchased some songs from iTunes. They play perfectly fine on my computer through iTunes. However, when I disconnect my iPod from my computer and try to listen to those songs with my headphones or in my car through my iTrip, my iPod just skips over those songs and goes to the next song in the shuffle. Or when I try to play the whole album, it'll show 1, then 2, then 3, and so on...it skips through the whole album then ends up at the main screen without playing a single song. I've tried deauthorizing/reauthorizing my computer, I've restored my iPod many times, I've cleared my library and restored it with my backup files, I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, I tried using an old updater to get the previous iPod software, but that doesn't play vidoes, and I've done all of the above on three different USB ports.

I've called Tech Support many times and they keep telling me the same thing and nothing works.

So, I finally made my way into traffic-congested Tysons Corner to the nearest Apple Store and all the guy could tell me was that the file was corrupted and to re-download my purchases. So, I go back home, get on iTunes, search for my purchases and I'm told that my purchases can only be downloaded once.

OMG! Someone help! Is there anyone out there having the same problem!??!?!

Dell Dimension 4550   Windows XP