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I purchased an entire album on iTunes last night but it did not download any songs. When I tried to buy the album again it said I had already purchase this album but it did not download and to go to Store -> check for purchases to download at any time. When I did this an error came up saying "Unable to check for purchases" - "iTunes store is temporarily unavailable". Same message is coming up today. Oddly, I was able to successfully purchase and download a single song a few minutes ago. Any ideas on how to get the whole album I supposedly paid for to download? (I already tried to reinstall iTunes - didnt help!)

Windows XP
  • JAG (MAC ADDICT) Level 3 (500 points)
    I suspect that it's not iTunes fault. Try checking your firewall, make sure iTunes is in the allow list.
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    Thanks for your response. I have checked my firewalls and iTunes still has full support. This isn't the first song or album that I have downloaded from iTunes and I've never had this problem before. Any other thoughts?
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    Timmy i have the exact same problem. I also cant download an album i purchased a few days ago (with the same error screens) and was able to buy a single song afterwards.

    The album is Jamiroqui's latest greatest hits btw.
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    I have a similiar problem. I downloaded single songs and an album yesterday to listen on the plane while I was flying home. When I got to the airport, all of the songs were gone. The ones that I purchased and the ones that I already had on my Ipod. It is blank. I was using a different computer at the yesterday. Now, when I go to purchase history it tells me that I have already downloaded the songs and I can't do it again. Any suggustions on how to bring my music back?
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    I am also having the same problem I purchased Jamiroquai, Snoop Dog, and JayZ. The next day I downloaded So Notorious the TV show and it let me. But I still can not get my music out from the night before. When I check for purchases it says the itunes store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. It has been 3 days now since I haven't been able to get what I purchased. I am still waiting to hear back from the email ticket i have open with itunes support but they told me to check my firewall. I buy itunes every week and never have had this problem.
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    Hey, just wanted to chime in that I'm getting the same message when attempting to download the latest Jamiroquai album. I'm downloading an episode of CSI just fine as I write this, but can't download Jamiroquai that I bought two days ago.

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    I have had a ticket open for three days now and I am getting no where. I also can not repurchase the music because it says I already did and then it says checking for purchases. I just want my music. Now all my emails are coming back saying they are blocked.
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    I've had the same problem. I've ensured that Windows firewall allows iTunes as well as my MacAfee software. The only way I could get the songs to download was to run a limited msconfig startup. I could download the songs but loathe to run my cpu that way over the internet so put it back to general settings. It seems I also have a problem streaming song previews. Everytime iTunes comes out with an update, I get these errors.
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    Same problem here. It began within only the last few days. I have purchased thousands of iTunes songs without ever experiencing this before, so it's something on Apple's end (I haven't changed any settings whatsoever on my system).

    Problem is that for whatever reason iTunes cannot check for purchased music, yet every other iTunes Store function works perfectly fine.

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    I searched around a bit and it looks like a number of users had this same problem a month ago with a new Jimmy Buffet album that iTunes released. Anyone who seemingly had purchased that album would receive the "Cannot Check for Purchased Music.." error also preventing the download of all other albums they may have purchased.

    Seems our common album purchase may be the new Jamiroquai release. I sent iTunes an email on this, lets see how quickly they resolve it. Makes it very tempting to return to the peer-2-peer method and just grab the stuff for free but I'll wait patiently.
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    I've had this exact problem with one item for a month now, I checked everything possible and iTunes store is allowed. I've e-mail apple about it various times and each time get the same response. They really need to do something about this.
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    I sent iTunes another email on this today, linking them to this discussion thread as well as another that seems to be the identical problem experienced last month by a user (see the October entries).


    The problem is not with any of our settings, it's an iTunes technical problem. Lets see how swift they are to resolve it.

    This sure takes the thrill away of those days when you'd purchase a CD or album and rush right home to listen to it, doesn't it? Awwww... the digital era