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Question: BT mouse not pairing in Windows 10


I hope this is the right place to ask this question, since it's about Windows (but on my Mac)

My problem is that my Bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse) refuses to pair in Windows 10 (installed in Boot Camp), while it works perfectly in OS X.

What I do in Windows 10:

I start Windows, open Settings - Bluetooth box, then turn my mouse on, then press and held the 'pairing' button on it. The mouse appears on the list of discovered devices, I select 'Pair' and after a second or so Windows says 'Could not pair, try again and make sure the mouse is discoverable again' - and the mouse disappears from the list and is not seen again there until I restart Windows. I repeated this procedure dozens of times without any success; I ran all possible troubleshooters - no success. I even downloaded and installed 'Keyboard and Mouse Centre', but it obviously didn't work since the mouse has to be paired first in order to make this 'Centre' work. I contacted Microsoft, they suggested I should find a proper driver for my Bluetooth adapter, but the only driver I could find is Apple Internal BT Broadcom adapter driver dated, if I'm not mistaken, July 2015.

I really need to make it work in Windows 10, since I have to work in this OS quite a lot and I'd rather use a Bluetooth mouse (not necessarily the actual mouse, but since it's working in OS X, even if I buy another mouse, there's no guarantee it'll work in Windows 10).

So, two questions:

1. How can I make my current mouse (MS Sculpt Comfort Mouse) work in Windows 10?

2. Is there any other BT mouse which you believe has more chance to be workable in Windows 10

(I don't really want to buy Apple Magic Mouse - I prefer a traditional 2-button + scrolling wheel mouse)

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X El Capitan (10.11.3)

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I run Windows in Boot Camp only.

However, I solved the problem - though I cannot understand why.

What I did:

1. I unpaired the mouse in OS X.

2. Then I rebooted into Windows 10 and repeated the pairing procedure there - and it paired this time without any problem.

3, Then I rebooted into OS X and re-paired the mouse there - again without any problem.

4. Then, to be on the safe side, I rebooted again and check the pairing in Windows - no problem, the mouse got recognized immediately.

So now the mouse works in both systems - and I'm happy.

However I cannot understand the logic of this - the two OSes are totally independent (when Windows is run via Boot Camp), are they not? I remember I had to turn Bluetooth on again in Windows 10, despite it had been turned on earlier in OS X! So how come there's such an interdependence between the two OSes re pairing of devices?

(I had found this advice, re pairing the device in Windows first and only then in OS X but I'd considered it highly illogical, so I'd disregarded it.)

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Question: BT mouse not pairing in Windows 10