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  • Tim Bretl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    At work I use ethernet, not airport (and I turn airport off) and still get freezing. So this is not a wireless issue (at least not entirely).
  • Ethanee Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)
    The link's here: RqnCnuw/

    The report ID is 4874190. Unfortunately, since this morning, I've lost the permission to view it. Don't know why...
  • Stewart Shacter Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I'm following this thread as I have the same symptoms as described. Cursor moves, machine is non-responsive. As this happens, there is a faint, odd sound coming from the upper left hand side of the keyboard. If I hear the sound as it starts, and refrain from touching the keyboard until the sound stops, I often get control of the machine again without having to do the shutdown/reboot process.

    Do others have the same experience? I way behind others in this thread in terms of ability to diagnose the problem...just thought this symptom might help.

    FYI...for me...not an airport issue. Not using it.
  • George Haritonidis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    That's quite interestng Stewart. Can you describe the noise? How long does it take for the noise to stop so you can continue with your work?

    I'll try this some time soon to see if I get anything similar (at the moment I am working, so I'll do this in my spare time).
  • Stewart Shacter Level 1 Level 1 (5 points) to describe the 'sound'. There are two sounds that occur in combination. The first is a click....and I hear that sound alone from time to time..and it doesn't indicate a problem. The second sound more like a short, scratching noise. When they occur in is one after another...and the sequence of the two sounds keeps repeating. I've never counted (I will next time it happens), but I my best guess is that it can take between 5 and 15 seconds from the time I first hear the when I get the machine back. I doesn't always work. My guess is, when it doesn't work...I've already gotten ahead in my typing/clicking before I detected the sounds. They are fairly faint.

    Thanks for your post. Hope this helps. Please keep me posted on your research!
  • H Sipman Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    I also do have mentioned problems. So my MBP 2.0 GHz locks up in the described manner. The main problem for me is that immediately after the forced shut down my MBP does NOT work anymore. Even after resetting the PMU; the PRAM -reset does not always work. Hardware tests (on Master DVD) as well as at the Apple Service do not reveal any hardware errors.

    So I'm interested in the SSH-method, but do not know the syntax of the TOP and KILL commands. Can anyone give me a hint?

  • Ethanee Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)
    Merry Christmas!

    So I'm interested in the SSH-method, but do not know
    the syntax of the TOP and KILL commands. Can anyone
    give me a hint?

    Once you've ssh-ed into the stalled machine, from the Terminal, do a "ps aux | grep WindowServer". Something like the following will appear:
    windowse 85 0.7 -1.4 881776 29980 ?? Ss 7:37AM 0:28.90
    /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/CoreGraphic s.framework/Resources/WindowServer -daemon

    The second field, "85", is the process id. The "kill" command can be used with that as the argument, e.g. "kill 85". If that doesn't work "kill -9 85" might also work.

    Additional information can be found via "man top" and "man kill".

    On a different note, there's no significant changes in the bug report. The classification changed from "Crash/Loss of Data" to "Crash/Hang/Loss of Data", and that's it. Because I can't access my own bug report, I can't alter it in any way, including adding additional symptoms posted in this thread. I hope that Apple isn't concentrating its efforts in Leopard, and not working as much on Tiger...

    MBP CD   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
  • bruno afonso Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This started happening to me on a regular basis while using keynote... this is on a latest generation powerbook G4, 15". It is very very annoying... lost a lot of work due to this bug.
  • tobhas Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Hi guys, I also seem to be suffering from these infrequent hangs or freezes. So far for 3-4 times, all with a controllable mouse cursor and an other than that non responsive OSX GUI.

    I have tried switching RAM, using a clean account and reinstalled the machine from scratch. There have been no application or settings transfers as I am a 6-7 weeks switcher.

    I can only confirm that I too am getting the exception in the console log:

    removeDisplayMapping: _CGSUnmapFramebuffer returns -536870206

    I am also using an external monitor, in my case my HDTV.
    I don't know if you have noted that it is not only the Exception but also the error code that is identical to others of this thread with this problem. It is therefore very likely a specific problem for all affected users. Is there no way of disabling the external display while keeping the DVI-cable attached?

    Has there been any word from Apple or the Bug Reporter site? I don't seem to get in...

    Personally i think it seems reasonable that this not is a driver issue since it has happened to both Power PC and Intel machines with different graphics cards and drivers. Driver trouble is also usually followed by a System-wide crash (at least in the windows world, heheh). It therefore seems reasonable that this is a Core Graphics related issue..

    P.S Many thanks for the SSH-tip. At least, now hard-restarting isn't a must anymore! D.S

    MBP 15" Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz Mac OS X (10.4.8)
  • George Haritonidis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi tobhas,

    Thanks for your input and your observations. It seems at this stage that there is no 'cure' for this problem, or if there is no one has found it yet.

    In terms of having your DVI cable hooked in still and not trigger the error in Console, you could try switching your screen preferences to Mirror mode rather than 'extended' (desktop spanning) mode. However, I am not sure if this will trigger the error itself, and I am not sure how the HDTV will handle a MBP-native resolution.

    I have found that for the time being, to prevent the error from occurring I would log out, and when I am at the log in screen (I have multiple users in OS X on my MBP), I would disconnect my external screen, and then log back in again.

    Maybe windowserver refreshes itself when you log in, or maybe it isn't loaded up until someone logs in first, I don't know. But I haven't received a lock up since I have been doing that.

    I am still a little sceptical about PPC users reporting this same bug, it seems that the PPC users in this thread have had slightly different symptoms, or have found the solution to their problems which aren't exactly the same as us MBP users. Also, no MacBook or iBook owners have reported this bug (I suppose since it's in the MBP subforum!), and no desktop machines have this bug AFAIK. It could be MBP-specific, but then again it might not be. It might even be C2D specific, who knows.

    I haven't been able to get into the Bug Reporter site myself, and no word from Apple just yet. Hopefully the next Tiger update will fix this bug.
  • Mitja Slovenia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem with my machine which was bougt in Austria.

    I found out wenn I use apple SMC to manage the fans after my motherboard was replaced for whistling sound (and it didn't fix that issue), the fans run 3200 RPM the fastest, even if the temperature is 81 C.

    My MBP freezes when it is at 81 C and then doesn't respond just like you all are saying, until the temperature falls between 75 and 77 C. The the hard drive is heard again (while inbetween when the computer is frozen, it isn't).

    I found out when I run Fan Control, the temperature dosn't get so high, and wierdly it doesn't lock up (freeze) so often!!! I can convert movies for the iPod and it doesn't luck up my system as it did when the computer was runnin at 81 C.

    I hoppe it helps!
  • George Haritonidis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Mitja, do you use external displays connected to your MacBook Pro? And can you confirm that you get the errors as reported by others in Console?
  • Mitja Slovenia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I don't use any extrenal displays and didn't use it at any time since I got my MacBook Pro 17" 2.16 in August 2006. In December 2006 my motherboard got replaced for the whistling sound, and since than I have this problems with hanging.

    I must read the topic agin to find where to see the errors since i just quicly looke into the Console and didn't find anything unusual.

    I noticed the hard drive is completly silent whan it comes to hanging/freezing, and after a while I can continue with work and at that time the hard drive (Fujitsu 5400 120 GB) spins again and can be heard reading data.

    EDIT (UPDATE): No console warnings or error messages!! That is confirmed on system.log and console.log
  • Roadstar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Also, no MacBook or iBook owners have reported this bug (I suppose since it's > in the MBP subforum!), and no desktop machines have this bug AFAIK. It
    could be MBP-specific, but then again it might not be. It might even be C2D
    specific, who knows.

    Well, I'm having this issue on my C2D 2GHz MacBook (I found this thread with Google). I also use an external display connected with a mini-DVI to DVI adapter.

    MacBook C2D, Mac mini G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
  • Ian Searle Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I have experienced this problem on both a Macbook Pro CD and C2D. I also work with someone who has run into this problem with a Powerbook-G4 (late model Alumnimum).

    The common factors seem to be:

    a) use (connect, disconnect) of an external monitor.
    b) use of cmd-tab

    It seems pretty obvious to me at this point (especially given the repro case posted elsewhere in this thread) that this is an OSX software problem. It just happens to show up more on laptops because of the way they work (connect/disconnect) with external monitors.
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