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Mr NoPro Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
anyone using melodyne with logic? I was curious in which way you are using it as
1. standalone/Export-Import
2 bridge
3 rewire

which version of melodyne..and any issues. THANKS
seems like a cool program to work with Logic

G5 Dual Core 2.0 Logic 7.2.3, Mac OS X (10.4.8), Rosetta 800
  • mattrixx Level 3 Level 3 (940 points)
    i am using the current Studio version and absolutely love it.. It is great for so many things.

    I will often use it in AU plugin mode to fix a small section of a sample, or vocal, or instrument recording.
    When arranging a **** load of vocals, I will often export tracks from LogicPro and import them into a new project in Melodyne and run it independently.
    The melodyne insert plug, rewire and standalone modes all work extremely well these days.

    It is incredibly stable now and every command is configurable, so if you are used to working a set of key commands in Logic, you can set equivalents in Melodyne, to continue your favoured workflow.

    I cannot speak highly enough for the virtues of Melodyne.... I only wish I was the only one who knew about it!
  • Del Burrough Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I've been using Melodyne Studio for a few months but tend to use it as a stand alone. I have used the bridge but I feel the stand alone gives me more control and faster results.

    As I am taking an existing audio file and creating a new one from the adjusted sounds it all seems to fit better with the folders I have set up for them. I have heard that some people have had problems with the bridge but during the small time I used it I found it to be OK and the problem may have been fixed in the latest update.

    Melodynes own forum is great for getting answers and the replies normally come from people within the Melodyne set up or very close to it.


    I choose to Melodyne studio which is the most expensive as it gives more tracks to work with but it looks like you get the same performance on the lower priced versions except for the number of tracks.

    Its worth taking a look at the forums to get a much better feel for the good and the bad points of Melodyne but for what I have used it on so far it is excellent and once you get the hang of it very easy to use.
  • tbirdparis Level 5 Level 5 (5,500 points)
    hi, I use melodyne with logic, the biggest version (melodyne studio I think it's called).. so far I've used it standalone and also with the bridge. if I'm just messing around with an audio file I'll use it standalone. but when I'm doing pitch/intonation correction and, importantly, adjusting the timing and groove of a vocal performance, I'll use it in logic with the bridge because being able to work in context is important for that type of use.

    the only irritating thing that bugs me when using it with the bridge is that you have to jump between 2 programs. ie, always click first on a window to make it the active program before you can do anything in either one. also, say I'm editing away in logic, and then my reflex is to hit my play from last start position key command in logic, it always annoys me that it doesn't work and I have to make logic the active app first by clicking on a logic window or say with command-tab. it's obviously not a deal breaker, but when I'm in the zone and editing real fast, it always catches me and makes me trip up and lose the fast workflow I had going.. but that's the nature of the beast when it's two apps running side by side.

    apart from that, the sound is good, and I'm really glad to have it there when I really need to fix something.. even though I'd much rather be able to tell a vocalist to go learn their job better, after all I've learned mine..
  • George Axon Level 1 Level 1 (115 points)
    How does Melodyne compare to Auto-Tune for pitch correction?
  • Jim Frazier Level 5 Level 5 (5,325 points)
    How does Melodyne compare to Auto-Tune for pitch correction?

    IMO, there's no comparison. Even though AT does offer a graphic mode (which didn't work in Logic for over a 3 year period), you have much more control in Melodyne.

    The end result is a vocal that sounds completely natural, void of any "tuning" artifacts. Add to that the ability to create realistic sounding harmonies from a single melody, and a time/stretch engine that works on polyphonic material (and far superior to any of the algorithms in Logic) etc... it quickly becomes an indispensable tool.

    I own the studio edition as well, and have always used it in stand alone mode. But recently started using it in Rewire mode, and am amazed at how effortless and easily that works.

    The bridge always felt clunky to me... maybe that's been fixed.
  • Bee Jay Level 6 Level 6 (10,895 points)
    Also, a lot of people who haven't used it think of Melodyne as a "pitch fixer" only.

    It isn't - it's an audio manipulation tool which can do a lot of things, including the "fixing" of pitch.

    For instance, you've recorded a bass guitar track. Pullling in the audio into Melodyne lets you quantise notes, adjust the pitch, fix a note bend that didn't quite go far enough, change a couple of notes where the bassist hit the wrong note, and extend the length of some notes.

    Or you can pull in a vocal, copy the track and have Melodyne automatically create pitch and timing differences for a double tracked feel, or to thicken up bvox. Or even, by changing various notes on the copied tracks, create harmony arrangements from one track.

    Or you could pull in a solo line, and get Melodyne to create a MIDIfile from it to be played on a synth.

    Or you could timestrech a guitar part or a complete mix to change the pitch or length independently.

    It has a lot of uses that aren't immediately obvious until you start using it - I've given you some ideas of some of the things you can do to your recorded audio.
  • MattiMattMatt Level 4 Level 4 (2,420 points)
    Hey, can I ask you guys who mentioned the ability to use it for harmony to get a little more specific?

    How far can the harmony notes get from the original notes before they sound fake?

    Are you able to specify harmony intervals that vary, note to note, or do you select a constant interval?





  • Mr NoPro Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    thanks for the replies...standalone sounds good as it seems more stable...thanks again
  • Jim Frazier Level 5 Level 5 (5,325 points)
    Hi Matt,

    You can make any harmony notes you want, so you aren't locked to a constant interval, like you would get with a pitch shifter.

    As to it sounding fake... it's never sounded fake for me, but there are times it works better than others. I have a good quality vocal chain, so when I have done it with vocals cut here, it works as expected.

    When I have tried it with vocal tracks recorded elsewhere, sometimes the new harmony track sounded a bit "grainy", that is, when it was solo'd, but in the track, it always sounded just fine. I have just assumed it was due to the source material.

    You can also alter the formants, if desired. And that works well also.

    You can check out Celemony's website for more info, audio examples, etc...

  • iSchwartz Level 5 Level 5 (4,315 points)

    ay I'm editing away in logic, and then my reflex is to hit my play from last start position key command in logic, it always annoys me that it doesn't work and I have to make logic the active app first by clicking on a logic window or say with command-tab.<<</div>

    While not an exact replacement for the actal key command you've programmed for 'play from last position', you can, instead, have that KC activated via MIDI remote. And MIDI remote can also be toggled via MIDI. So my suggestion is that you program some keys or switches on your controller -- one for MIDI remote toggle, and the other for 'play from last position'. When in Melodyne, hit the key or switch that activates MIDI remote. Then use the other key or switch to play from last position. At least this way you can run Logic while viewing Melodyne. When you're out of Melodyne, hit the key/switch that turns MIDI remote off.


  • tbirdparis Level 5 Level 5 (5,500 points)
    good idea.. I might try that next time I'm deeply into melodyne on something. perhaps I'll assign a button or two on the k2500..