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I have been trying to copy personal DVDs with Toast. The problem I am having is that the DVD is not being read by the Mac. To be specific, the DVD will play for a few minutes and then feeze. I can't fast forward, etc. The DVD can be read on other DVD players. Thinking it might be a damaged disc, I made a new copy of it form another DVD recorder and this will playback on that recorder. But I have the same problem with the Macmini. The disc freezes after a few minutes. It appears that the MacMini is incredibly sensitive to the DVD disc, so much so that it is useless. So, this has nothing to do with Toast. Any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure what your question is.

    Is it one DVD you are having problems with?

    Or are you having problems copying "DVDs" with Toast?

    Not clear what you mean by "personal DVDs". Are these copy-protected?

    If you are having problems reading non-commercial DVDs it could have something to do with the quality of the media and how fast they were burned.

    If you have one problem DVD, then you just have to write that off as the way things are in the DVD world. Not all readers like all DVDs.

    One thing to watch for is that you don't have two programs trying to use the DVD at the same time: so don't have DVD Player running at the same time as Toast or Disk Utility.

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    Sorry for the confusion. I copied a personal videotape on my dvd recorder/player (non-computer). I used good quaity commercial dvd discs (DV+ or -). The recorded dvd discs played on dvd players but could not be read on my MacMini. Depending on the disc, it either could not be read or froze somethere in the disc. I was also able to play them on a PC dvd player.
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    commercial players have hard-ware based error-correction built in, but computer drives usually don't. I'd suggest burning another copy and try that (if you haven't already done so), as your first copy may contain some surface errors that are just small enough to be accepted by the commercial drive but large enough to foul your computer drive.