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George Machen Level 1 Level 1
Today I suddenly have to click web links several times to get a site to load; otherwise it always times-out.

I rebooted my Mac, as well as my AirPort Base Station and cable router, but no joy. I checked my Network prefPane and all was well, but I changed something & back, just to hit the Apply button to force a "refresh" of my network settings, but it made no difference.

This has happened before, and I got an answer somewhere, but I can't remember what the solution was.

Anyone recognize this problem, with a fix to offer?


PowerBook Pismo 500, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
  • The Mark Level 2 Level 2
    I would try another browser to see if it is browser dependent. If it is only happining in the one browswer, I'm assuming Safari, you can click on Safari, reset Safari. I'd also try to do a repair permissions to see if it fixes anything that way. If it isn't browswer dependent I'd try to user a different account on the computer to see if it is users specific or you are just having some issue with your Internet. You can also try pluging directly into your cable modem to see if there is an issue with your Airport or you actual ISP itself.