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So here's my problem.

I have a wireless linksys router that I've never had a problem with before until recently. My Mac connects to the network fine, but it says that my Airport does not have an IP address and that I can't get internet access through it. I have full bars and am connected to the network, but no internet. My roommate is connected via ethernet to the router with his PC and his works fine. Even when I connect mine via ethernet, I still have no internet connection.

I got on the phone with a Linksys technician who ran me through configuring the router, and after about an hour of trying he said that it wasn't a problem with the router but with my airport settings.

Please help! I know next to nothing about networking and I really need internet access for my work!

Macbook Pro 17" Mac OS X (10.4.8)

Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    You may want to check the thread about not being able to connect to the internet. <http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=3615819#3615819> I am starting to get the idea that it my be effecting several differnent types of laptop and not just the iBook G4. I am cruising around and hearing similar stories of people having problems not being able to connect to the internet all of a sudden with their laptop, me being one of them. See if it doesn't sound similar.