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Hey...So I used to be able to File > Add File to Library and it would import my music easily...like shoving a greased up monkey down a pipe. But a month or so ago, I found that it wasn't importing my music that way, so I started dragging and dropping my music into iTunes...it worked just as well. Well, now I go to import an album the same way, which I just did, like, seriously, 2 hours ago, and it wont work. Its unprotected MP3, yada yada yada...just like every single other music file I've ever added into iTunes. It seems like I'd have better luck trying to import my music into Photoshop at the moment.

This is aggrivating, purely because its a simple task. Who would have guessed that its so darn complicated to import music into a program.

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    Nevermind, I got it figured out.

    I just used Advanced WMA Workshop, and just re-converted them to 160 kbps, 44 kHz MP3 file...it was originally at like, 190 kbps or something...I didn't know that would make a difference. Anywho...
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    I still can't import or add music files into my library. Drag and drop doesn't work either. What is Advanced WMA Workshop?

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    I did the iTunes update to 7.0.2 a few days ago and am now experiencing a major problem using the "Add files to library" or "Import" functions.

    When using either of those functions, iTunes will complete the operation only if I've selected no more than FOUR songs at a time to import or add to library. Select five or more songs at one time and click ok, then the location window just goes away and nothing else happens.

    The majority of the files are regular mp3 with a bit rate that varies between 192 and 320, however, I don't believe that really has much to do with this issue.

    This is getting to be a real hassle, as some folders have hundreds of songs I need to import/add, and the "Add folder to library" function often doesn't even find the right folders - it's like iTunes has gone blind since the update to 7.0.2.

    The Apple iTunes team needs to figure these problems out ASAP.

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    We seem to have one of the same problems. I can't even import one let alone four files. For me it also started after the update. I'm not sure why Apple isn't addressing this or any of the many other issues plaguing users such as missing files, tracks that skip, inability to import cds, iPod problems etc. It's all quite strange.
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    Has anybody solved this? I'm getting the same problem...

    Itunes won't import any new mp3 nor even play any that's not already in the gallery... this has happened after I updates my itunes version and consolidated my library for the first time... I don't know what might have caused it but I really need to make it work again!