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I have a minor problem with Safari. I can't view the page source of ANY page in Safari. When I try to view it, all I get is a window with nothing in it. I've tried trashing the .plist files and it's still not showing the page source. I noticed this started to happen after I installed 10.4.8. Any ideas?

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    Is the Monaco font still present and enabled in FontBook?
    Check if it's present in FontBook and that it isn't marked as requiring resolving (it will have a bullet point to the right of the name). If it does need resolving, use the Edit menu option of FontBook to resolve it.

    If none of the above applies, one quick test you can do to help narrow down things is to try Safari in another user account. This will help us to know whether your problem is local to your account or system wide. If you don't have another account you can use System Preferences -> Accounts -> [+] to create a test one (and [-] to remove it if needed)

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    Thanks! I never thought of that! I found the Monaco font in the Mac OS X Install disk 1 and put it in FontBook. Thanks again.

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    Coolio! My pleasure

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    iBod --
    Congrats on wonderful sleuthing!
    How did you know it was Monaco?