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OK heres what happened.

Yesterday I plugged a friends ipod nano (2gb) into my computer which i had been using with my ipod nano (2gb)with. But it said i had to update it and what ever because my friend doesn't take care of his ipod. So i put some songs on his ipod and whatever but then when i went to put my ipod back in the computer it said i had to update, so i did. But after updating all my songs must have been deleted. So i looked at the stats of my ipod BUT it says that 1.67gb of space is taken up by "OTHER" and the rest is free space.

To sum up heres the problem: My ipod is full but it says theres no songs on it and when i go to use my ipod theres no songs or photos BUT IT SAYS ITS FULL AND HAS NO MORE ROOM FOR NEW SONGS.
Whats going on?
Wheres my songs?
What is "other"?
Do i have to restore and start over?

P.S. I've already done four of the 5 r's

ipod nano 2gb, Windows XP Pro, help