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I will give a basic synopsis: having trouble with iChat AV, and I need to check "Distributing Addresses" but can't get to it. AirPort on a G4 PowerBook, cable modem connection and Netgear router (WGT 624v3) on a G4 tower. When I attempt to use AirPort Administrator to change setup it won't let me get passed the second step. If I try to create a "new" base station, won't let me. I'm somewhat savvy, but not with AirPort. Any help is appreciated.


G4, Mac OS X (10.4.8), Netgear WGT624v3
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    The only way you can change these settings is through the Router Utility in your Browser check the phamplet the accompanies the router for username and password to make any changes.
    Airport Admin, and Setup Assistant are for Airport Express and Extreme, these don't work with 3rd party Routers to set them up.
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    I don't think I explained myself clearly enough: I would like--following advice from the iChat forum--to see if "Distributing Addresses" is checked in AirPort, but I can't seem to get to it. I am aware that using Airport Admin has nothing to do with the router setup. Basically, as the router is doing DHCP (UPnP is checked), I need to be sure AirPort is NOT doing it too (the possible source of my iChat difficulties with one other person).

    Does that help?

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    Do you have an AirPort Express (AX) or AirPort Extreme base station (AEBS)?
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    I have AirPort Extreme.
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    Let me clarify my question.

    You state that you have a Netgear WGT624v3 which is a wireless router.

    Do you also have an AEBS

    or AX?

    The reason I ask is that the AirPort Admin Utility and AirPort Setup Assistant are ONLY for use with one of Apple's base stations.
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    We really are coming up against the limits of my knowledge in airport matters!

    What we have on the PowerBook is an airport card, we do not have either base station. As this is the case, does this mean that airport cannot do DHCP or create a NAT problem?


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    ...we do not have either base station.

    That clarifies things!

    ...does this mean that airport cannot do DHCP or create a NAT problem?

    Your PowerBook is not doing either. Your Netgear router is responsible for that.

    Your original statement/question was:

    having trouble with iChat AV, and I need to check "Distributing Addresses" but can't get to it.

    To do that, you must get out the Netgear's user guide and follow it's directions for accessing the Netgear's configuration page via web browser. Then you can make the changes to the Netgear router's operation.
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    The reason we may seem unclear with your problem, is because when you use the term AIRPORT, you must be clear as to what exactly you mean.
    Apple uses the term Airport for there Wireless Technology.
    This includes several different pieces of Hardware which inlude.
    Original Airport Card 802.11b compliant (Older Apple Computers)
    Airport Extreme Card 802.11g compliant (Newer Apple Computers)
    To determine which Airport Card your Computer has, Click on your Apple upper Left then click on About This Mac. Then click on More Info and when this opens Click on Airport Card and it will tell you if you have Airport Card or Airport Extreme Card.
    Airport Express Base Station.
    Airport Extreme Base Station.
    Next if you are using the Netgear Router that Duane showed you, then yes it will set up DHCP, and to set up any Router you use that is NOT an APPLE Product. You have to type in or http://www.routerlogin.net
    Then when prompted enter (admin) as username. Then enter (password) for the password, all lowercase.
    The Yellow folded card that came with your router gives you a step by step set up guide.
    Make sure your Network settings are correct.
    Ethernet cable and wirelessly connected computers must be confiqured to obtain IP and DNS addresses Automaticlly via DHCP.
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    Don and Duane,

    Thank you both for the help. This information together with the help I've received on the iChat AV group has allowed me to understand the technical nature of the problem I'm having with iChat (again, with only one person).

    Much appreciated.