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    I personally own the Elgato EyeTV 250 along with the
    EyeTV 2 software. Unless you want to pay for an
    internet TV subscription I would not recommend buying
    this product to watch TV on your Mac. Using the
    reciever they have and plugging either cable or
    composite video cables to it results in a very small
    sized screen with a very poor resolution. It would
    make TV almost unbearable to watch.

    I own and EyeTV 200 - (model prior to the 250) connected to my normal cable service and the results are fantastic. I suspect you either have some individual problem or have not installed it correctly. I assume you are aware that you can resize the screen from very small to full screen, using the command key followed by a numberic key? The latest version of the software (2.3.2) added picture-in-picture so you can watch a recorded show why keeping an eye on a live channel and then switch the one that you are following as desired.

    The comments I read from others suggest my experience is typical and yours is abnormal for these products.
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    I have the Elgato EyeTV 250 Hybrid on a 24" Imac.
    Full picture TV at fab quality here!

    Do you have the hybrid that is that usb stick or the 250 which I think is a tiny box? Also, do you get the hdtv signal on your 24" imac? What do you think quality wise? I am seriously thinking of getting the 24" imac and ditching my tv. I can connect my dish receiver to the hybrid usb stick. I wonder how hot it gets?
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