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But I've deleted 40 songs from the iPod (4gb) and it's still telling me there's not enough room (3.74gb used and 1.7mb free) No matter how many songs I delete, it still tells me I only have 1.7mb free.
I have some other issues that may be contributing. A few months ago I did a reformat (virus) and when I moved the iPod library back from my external hard drive, I can no longer access 80% of the songs in my library (I had 900). When I click on a song, it says "The song **song name** could not be found. Would you like to locate it".
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    For the first problem, try Restoring the iPod.

    For the second problem, well, it appears that your music folder was moved. You see, iTunes does not store the songs, it is only a way to quickly access them all (kinda like Google and the internet).

    I've never done it, but when iTunes asks you if you want to locate it, Click Yes. From there on I won't be of any help. But hey, maybe you'll get lucky and find it, or maybe you won't.

    I hope this helps!
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    If I restore, won't I erase everything on the iPod? And when I click on "Yes", it takes me to the iPod Music Folder on my c: drive. In that folder, all the songs seem to be formatted in a (4 letters).mp3 file. It doesn't list the song so I don't know how to reconnect the song with the file in the folder....confused yet?? I may have to start from scratch.
    I think if I do a Restore, I won't be able to reload all the songs in my library because I'm getting the "ITunes cannot locate the song...." message.
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    I am having the same problem as well. I have updated my iTunes, I have restored by iPod. Since restoring my iPod (I was running into some skipping problems) I have not been able to reload all my music to the iPod. iTunes keeps telling me that I do not have enough space. I have created a playlist to see how many files that I have checked, and I have less than 3GB. I working with a 4GB iPod Mini. I have removed the update playlist only option, it will still only allow me to update playlist and create its own playlist and not just automatically update all songs. Do you have any ideas??

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    1. Go to File>Add Folder to Library>then find the music folder with all of those 4 letter songs. Click Add.

    You might want to remove the songs from iTunes that will not play before you do that though, because there is no way to quickly remove many duplicates.

    Yes, a Restore does remove everything from the iPod, but that would fix the space problem. You should not do this until you have the songs working in iTunes.

    Post back with results and I hope this helps!
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    thanks again, but not exactly sure what steps you want me to take. I log in to iTunes, click on File->Add folder to library -> i then locate the folders with the 4-letter.mp3 (there are 5) and then what? the only option is to "Make New folder". Not sure what this does...
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    There is no Add Folder or Open Folder or something like that?
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    I had a similar situation with my 80Gb video iPod; with only 39Gb of files to transfer over, iTunes 7.0.2 told me (a few times) that it couldn't transfer over all the files as there wasn't enough space on the iPod, which is nonsense.

    I followed the reset instructions to the letter, picked up some other hints and tips from other posts, and got it back on line. Here's what I did:

    Empty your trash; connect the iPod and reset it, as per the prompts; once it has restarted and appeared in the source menu, eject it; select your language of use from the iPod screen menu; disconnect it from your computer and perform a reboot - hold down the menu and the centre button and count to 10, then release - the Apple icon will appear in the iPod display; once the iPod is fully rebooted, reconnect it to your computer and it should be recognised and start to refill. If not, leave it attached and reboot your computer; all should be well.

    I cannot stress enough the need for saving your data. I've a 400Gb FireWIre mirrored RAID, which I backup to weekly, sometimes more frequently. I will now go out and get a small (120Gb) mobile USB drive to connect to my PowerBook, as my Startup Disk is/was getting full (which is why ended up in this mess, moving my iTunes catalogue to an external drive) and will then back both the PowerBook and the external drive to the RAID.

    It's not when it works that you miss it!

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    If you have a windows computer, go to the start menu and then select "search" and then select the first option "Pictures, music or video" and input the song title or author name to find out where your music is. Then when you do the "add to library option on iTunes" go to the drop menu and find that folder. The search location information should be able to tell you the path to take to find it.

    If this doesn't make any sense to you, I can try posting screen caps for you after class. Don't have time to do that right now.