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After upgrading to iTunes I have been unable to burn any cd's, it seems to freeze halfway through the burn, then cancels.

A window pops up with the error number 4000, can anyone please tell me what this means and help me to fix it?

Packard Bell Easynote, Windows XP
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    This same thing has happended to me before and is happening again. This isn't working for me this time, but when it happened to me previously I restore system to a previous date before installing the newest version of Itunes. This worked. Then try installing 2.0 again. Hope this helps.
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    Okay. here's what worked for me this time. Try reducing the speed at which the CD's are burned. Got to Edit, prefrences, advanced, burning and change to a slower speed 8x worked for me but I'll try a faster speed later. This is very slow. But the good news is it worked!
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    Hi and thanks for your help. Reading another thread, b4 you posted here, I read that sometimes it can be the media discs that I am using that may not be compatible with my system (apparently even compatible cd-r's are not compatible with all pc's but that this is not broadcast to us mere mortals).

    I had recently changed my brand of cd-r's, so today bought a spindle of my old brand, and guess what? That's right, PROBLEM SOLVED!

    Maybe this could be the answer to the never ending question, as to what is Error 4000?

    Fingers crossed everything stays ok. Thanks again for your help , Kerri