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I have an OS 10.1. Emac running Applework 6.2.9. It runs fine. I am trying to show a presenation slide show on a projector. Everything works great until I start the slide show. At that point, the projector screen goes blank and shows "No Reg". I looked this up and is means that the resolution on the computer is not compatable with the projector. After looking at the Apple help, I noted that the slide demensions are 640 x 480 pixels.

Is there any way to change this so it will be compatable with my projector? The projector requires 1152 x 864 or so.

Your help is appreicated

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    IIRC, the eMac video output, like that of the iMac, mirrors the built in display.

    Screen resolution is set in the Displays pane of System Preferences. Try each of the available settings to find one that works with your projector.

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    My projector requires the display to be set at 1152 x 864, and when set at 1152 x 864 the display and projector do indeed mirror...UNTIL I try to start a slide show. At that point, the projector displays the "No reg" error.
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    That's because AppleWorks changes the resolution for the presentation. If the 640 x 480 isn't one of the options available in the Displays menu when the projector is connected, then you will not be able to use your eMac to drive the presentation on that particular projector. If the projector itself not offer any appropriate alternative resolution settings, then you're out of luck.
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    Thanks. That is the answer I anticipated, but dreaded.
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    I don't know how satisfactory the final output might be, but one thing to try is to save each slide as a pdf. Open the lot with Preview and save each as a .png., Finally, launch iPhoto, import the png files, and assign them to an album. Use iPhoto's slide show to make the presentation.

    edit: I just noticed that you're using an older OS, so you may not have access to either Preview, or iPhoto. Sorry if I raised your hopes unnecessarily. ;-/
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    I just tried this with a couple of slides containing a few simple graphics and some text. The AppleWorks slides look surprisingly good in an iPhoto slide show, despite going from 640x480 in the AW presentation to 1024x768 in iPhoto.
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    Thanks, I will try it and let my teacher know how to do it.