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Hi All...

I recently ran out of room on my IPod. I decided rather than putting all my albums on the IPod I would just select the songs I like in ITunes then choose the sync only selected songs option for my IPod. This worked great, after several days of going through my music I finally had reduced my music on my IPod to about 7 GB.
Sounds good so far dosn't it? Well... I was working on my library today and had a few things on my desk and I guess they were on the keyboard too. It would appear I ended up having all the keys pressed for an unselect all. Yup, I cleared all my hard work.
Now I have an IPod with all the songs I want on it and the original extensive library on my computer that has no selected songs on it... is there any easy way of fixing this or do I have to go back and select each song individually again? (uhg!!)

Thanx in advance for any help


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  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,815 points)
    I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean that the tracks are in iTunes but just not checkmarked? If that is indeed what you mean, just re-checkmark the tracks by control-clicking on any checkbox.
  • Storm_58 Level 1 (0 points)
    thanx for the quick bit of advice but no. I don't want to select all of the songs. I have certain songs on my IPod. I was adding music by adding them to my library in ITunes then selecting or checking the songs I wanted sync'd to my IPod. I lost the list of selected songs in ITunes... my IPod still has the songs I want.
    Sounds Ok until I want to add another CD. If I continue it will wipe out all the songs on the IPod.
    I currently turned off the "sync selected songs" option. But would like to continue using this. I was wondering if there were an easy way to get back my selection in my library (ITunes).
    Basically I want to keep the entire library in ITunes on my computer and the selected songs on my IPod. The only way I can see doing that now is to go through my songs in ITunes one at a time, checking to see if they are on my IPod and checking them or not. A VERY slow process if we are talking about 30GB plus of music.

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  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    Create a new Playlist and add or delete from it.
    Then sync only this playlist.
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    Ok, so how do I create a playlist off my IPod? Doing this in ITunes is roughly the same thing as having to go through my library one song at a time again.
    I can see an advantage to doing this if I have to start from scratch but is there any way of avoiding the grind again.
    If there is some way of creating a playlist of the songs on my IPod (not ITunes) then we have a solution. All I would need to do is add all of the songs on the IPod then copy the playlist to ITunes and Yeehaw, I'll be dancing!

    is this possible?
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    I'll have to get back on this later tonight.
    I have an idea but I don't have my iPod or iTunes with me.
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    I'm not sure you can copy your iPod "playlist" back to iTunes--But you can print a copy of all of the songs on your iPod. With the printed list, you can quickly go through your library and pull the appropriate songs onto an "iPod Playlist".

    To do this, plug your iPod into your computer. Select the screen view that shows all of the songs loaded on your iPod. Then go to File on the top line of iTunes, select "print". When the box opens, select "Song Listing"--you'll get a list of all songs (song/length/artist/album) on your device. To quickly find these songs in your library--it might help to make sure the playlist is organized alphabetically by song title. Before you print the song list, click on the song title column so they are alphabetized.

    Once you have this list--click on the song title column in iTunes and go through the list and pull the songs into your new iPod playlist.
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    I'm not sure you can copy your iPod "playlist" back to iTunes
    Doesn't look as if the songs are in a playlist. If they were, it would be very simple.

    Yes, it's "easy" but she has 7GB of songs and doesn't want to go one by one.
  • Storm_58 Level 1 (0 points)
    Sounds helpful, I am running ITunes 7.02.16 (I beleive that is the latest version for XP)it does not give the option to "see" files on your IPod like the older version did. Or... I perhaps I am missing an option somewhere?
    ITunes gives me the print option for my library so I can find that. I just don't have access to my IPod library through my computer. Printing out the songs on my IPod would help speed things up a lot.

    Windows XP Pro
  • samdogmom Level 4 (1,705 points)
    Chris CA--I never said they were in a playlist. If you look at my post you'll see that I put playlist in quotes. I'm not sure what your problem with me is but you seem to follow me around these forums and then try to belittle everything I say. I understand the questioner has 7 gbs of music. But, for lack of a quick way to re-select the appropriate songs--it's probably best to just work off of a list of songs on the iPod. If things are arranged alphabetically it shouldn't take too long to pull all of this music back into a playlist. What is the alternative at this point?
  • Storm_58 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm not sure you can copy your iPod "playlist"
    back to iTunes

    Doesn't look as if the songs are in a playlist. If
    they were, it would be very simple.

    Yes, it's "easy" but she has 7GB of songs and doesn't
    want to go one by one.

    No, I chose to just select the songs manually and then sync with my IPod. I guess I should have made a playlist. If I end up having to redo from scratch I will do that.
    I played a little with the "One the go" option on the IPod to see if I could create a playlist on my IPod of the whole IPod. There must be a file limit as it stopped adding at "S". Even if I did I still don't see an option to reintegrate this playlist into my ITunes library.
  • Storm_58 Level 1 (0 points)
    OMG do I feel stupid. I just clicked the little arrow to the right of my IPod in Itunes and I got the list of music, playlists etc...
    It did run out when I was adding to the "On the go" section but at least I will be able to print a list.

    Thanx so far... I won't start till tomorrow so if someone comes up with some brilliance over night, please post.
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    I'm not following you around. I see a post that needs help, I reply.
    If someone posts incorrect info, I will try to point that out so the OP does not get bad info and so the person who puts up wrong info, knows.

    Can't actually know what everyone means when they post.
    A playlist is a playlist, in quotes or not.

    No offense (or stalking) intended.
  • samdogmom Level 4 (1,705 points)
    Whatever!...I find that your tone is generally offensive-just so you know.

    And, I'd like to add that you were going to help this "OP" recover non-existent playlists, too. No one pointed out your "mis-interpretation". Unfortunately, you think it's your duty to point out the "mistakes" of other posters. You better make sure you're not living in a glass house if this is your mission!
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    Lighten up.
    Don't post bad or incorrect info.
    If you don't like my tone, oh well. Don't read my posts.
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