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    Alright, peace.

    Now, do you have a better idea than mine for the "OP" to reproduce the song files on the iPod so that they're available if they need to be resynced?
  • Robert Jacobson1 Level 4 Level 4 (2,420 points)
    I've created a script that will read all the songs from your iPod and attempt to create a playlist in iTunes that has all the songs that are currently on the iPod. When I ran it on my computer, however, it missed about 100 songs out of the 2000 or so on my iPod.

    Anyway, go to my iTunes scripts page and follow the link to download Perl. Install Perl, then download and run the script "itunesipodplaylist". You should end up with a playlist in iTunes called "iPod Songs" than contains most (if not all) of the songs that were on your iPod.


  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (78,015 points)
    Okay, I figured it out.

    First, go to and download iPod2copy.

    Now, open iTunes and select the iPod.
    On the Summary tab, select Manually manage music.
    Select the iPod & click the triangle in front of the iPod name.
    Go to menu File -> New playlist.
    This will create a new regular playlist on the iiPod.
    Select Music under the iPod, select all the music and drag it to this new playlist.
    Now we have the music in an actual playlist.

    Create a new folder on the desktop. This will be a temp folder.

    Run iPod2Copy.
    Drag the iPod into the left box and select the new folder and drag it into the right box and click Copy.

    All songs (and playlists) will be copied to the new folder.
    This may take a while.

    Open iTunes. Select File -> Import.
    Go to this new folder and import the playlists.xml file.
    This contains all the playlists that were on your iPod. Delete what you don't want.

    If all your music is still in iTunes, great.
    It doesn't sound as if you were deleting stuff from iTunes.
    If not, you can add it back to iTunes from this folder.

    There may be an easier way but offhand, I don't know how. This does work as I just did it.
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    thanx for the delphie script. worked great and solved all the worlds problems.
    Re: the IPod2Copy link... the program is cripled and will only copy half your files if not registered. Thankyou for pointing it out anyways.

    Your all Gods!!
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