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I have OS 9.0.4 on an iMac G3 400MHz 64MB RAM and have only just discovered using the internet is impossible because the Internet Explorer browser 5 is so outdated.

Web sites don't load, perhaps load and only partly work and anything takes ages to load and the computer is forever freezing. Basically using the internet is impossible and email unreliable because the Internet Explorer browser 5 is so old.

All the browsers - Safari - for instance need OSX and I cannot have OSX without increasing memory.

The only solution seems to be buying a new Mac for about £800 because upgrading my six year old iMac is uneconomical and increasing RAM memory is the only way I can use a browser that actually allows proper use of the internet.

Am I right ? Or is there a browser out there that I can use on OS9 that will allow me to use the full functionality of the internet ?

Or is this a lost cause and I must buy a new computer, even thought I do not posesss a brass farthing to buy one with. That means I cannot possibly afford one because I have absolutely no money. But I need one to work.

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    rocket123, welcome to Apple Discussions

    I switched to Mozilla for OS 9 & like it better than IE. It works on web pages that IE has problems with. Plus, Mozilla has a pop-up ad blocker & a password manager. Download Wamcom's Mozilla browser at:

    iCab is also a good browser for OS 9. Look at Mac Web Browsers, Present and Past

    Most browsers run better if you increase the browser's Preferred memory to 2X - 3X the Suggested size. See Mac OS: Assigning more memory to an application program
    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=18278 Since you only have 64MB of RAM, make sure your Virtual Memory is turned On.

    You should also upgrade your OS to at least 9.1. OS 9.0.4 is not too stable. The upgrade is a free download on Apple's site. You will also get better performance if you increase your RAM to at least 128MB, preferably more.

     Cheers, Tom
  • Thomas Cherry Level 2 Level 2
    I use to use iCab back in the day, it's small, supports tabs, and can block images.
  • Denis Eddy Level 4 Level 4
    Welcome to the Discussions.

    When I abandoned Netscape 4.7.8 (OS 9.1) some years ago it was because it was audibly and visibly creaking. It had been recommended that I try Mozilla 1.9, but the (then) most stable version for me I found to be 1.0.3. Using Tom's 2-3x Recommended RAM allowance factor (in Get Info), and using a RAM Disk of 2-4MB for the browser's cache, I found, and still find, that 1.0.3 gives a good account of itself. It is certainly not at the foremost tip of the pointy end for browsers, but it works on 500MHz CRT iMacs (OS 9.2.2) and 400MHz G3 (Sonnet) PB1400s (OS 8.6) alike, and is even tolerable under dial-up—when I need it to do so during travel— for all but image-saturated sites. The faster caching permitted by a RAM Disk is of great effect.

    You need, however, to give urgent thought to increasing your RAM to at least 128MB, and preferably to 192MB or more so as to allow your iMac to breathe freely (ie, with VM off). PC100 (or compatible PC133) low-density, unbuffered, non-ECC SDRAM is now as cheap as ever it will be.

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  • Alex Brofsky Level 1 Level 1
    I also suggest iCab. It's the only browser that's still being developed for OS 9 http://www.icab.de/dl.php

    I would also make sure you have the latest plugins (shockwave & flash) & the lastest Quicktime & WMP for OS 9
  • Craigwd_2000 Level 4 Level 4
    I like Opera. The latest version is 6.03 & it runs well on my Power Mac 7600/132 that I upgraded to a Sonnet G3 500 MHz. Mozilla 1.3 is also very fast on the 7600 too. I have 512 MB of RAM installed & RAM is very cheap right now so it's a good time to upgrade too.
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9
    Almost all those browsers need 40,000K or more memory allocation to run properly. Internet Explorer needs that much just to keep from crashing and taking out your entire Mac.

    To allocate that much, you will need more real RAM.

    Most G3s can keep up with ordinary Web sites (that do not start off with a Flash Movie) and do tolerably well, if given enough memory.
  • blawson1979 Level 1 Level 1
    I also say iCab... it's rusty, but it gets the majority of surfing done.

  • n8mac Level 1 Level 1
    I just upgraded to OS X tiger on a G4 at work because of this very problem. I am afraid surfing and making full use of the net with 9.x is at it's end. To many sites require the latest flash and other plugins to work. I used the latest Internet Explorer and Netscape. While I had more ram than you and few crashes, using them was a drag. Now I'm on OS X and Safari and am loving it.

    Take advice from the others and use those browsers. In the mean time save up enough money to buy a strip of PC100 or PC133 256mb of ram and either OS 10.3.x or 10.4.x. It will be stable and breath new life into your machine.

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