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I have OS 9.0.4 on an iMac G3 400MHz 64MB RAM and have only just discovered using the internet is impossible because the Internet Explorer browser 5 is so outdated.

Web sites don't load, perhaps load and only partly work and anything takes ages to load and the computer is forever freezing. Basically using the internet is impossible and email unreliable because the Internet Explorer browser 5 is so old.

All the browsers - Safari - for instance need OSX and I cannot have OSX without increasing memory.

The only solution seems to be buying a new Mac for about £800 because upgrading my six year old iMac is uneconomical and increasing RAM memory is the only way I can use a browser that actually allows proper use of the internet.

Am I right ? Or is there a browser out there that I can use on OS9 that will allow me to use the full functionality of the internet ?

Or is this a lost cause and I must buy a new computer, even thought I do not posesss a brass farthing to buy one with. That means I cannot possibly afford one because I have absolutely no money. But I need one to work.

iMac G3, Mac OS 9.0.x, 400 MHz 64MB RAM 10GB hard disk