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I am going to India. I want to take my ipod and charge it while I am there. Does the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit have a plug that will work in India? I have the USB power adapter already.
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    This article should give you comfort in finding what you need once you get there if what you have does not fit.


    The adapter kit should be all you need. India uses two round pins just far enough apart to fit a small finger between them. You would not want to leave your finger in that position while plugging it in, though. : )

    This site gives the specs:

    http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wo/StoreReentry. wo?productLearnMore=M8794G%2FB

    "The World Travel Adapter Kit includes a set of six AC plugs with prongs that fit different electrical outlets around the world. For world travelers, this is the perfect kit to ensure power connectivity in most countries you may travel to. The Kit is designed to work with (and requires) the white portable power adapter that ships with iBook, MacBook Pro, and PowerBook G4, and it also works with the iPod USB Power Adapter and iPod FireWire Power Adapter (available separately). The AC plugs included in the World Travel Adapter Kit directly support outlets in North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong.

    Compatible with power adapters for iBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, iPod USB Power Adapter, and iPod FireWire Power Adapter."

    While they do not specifically mention India in the list, India uses the British style plug.

    The only unresolved question in my mind is if you have a 220 volt adapter or if the power adapter you have auto senses 220 volts and adapts. I presume it does but you will want to make sure for your specific product. This comment is typical of Apple power supplies:

    "People mentioning anything about a convertor are misinformed. I am in Germany as I type this and the product works perfectly. 100-240V means you DO NOT NEED a convertor."

    The person commenting does not specify which Apple product they are using in Germany so just look at your adapter/power supply and make sure it says 110/220 volts.

    Bon voyage,


    A quick check here confirms my belief that your iPod should do fine with current up to 240 v.

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    Thanks for the response. Would the British one be the one marked "Continental Europe" in the apple packaging? Someone else told me I needed three round pegs, but I think the third one is just A grounder and it will work without it. Thoughts?
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    Continental Europe sounds correct. However, reading through the web links listed below, you can find a lot of non-standard outlets everywhere. Hotels cater to tourist.

    India was part of the British empire. Pakistan uses the same plug. Not all outlets are grounded in those nations. Not all outlets in our 100 year old farm house are grounded, either! : )

    Just to double check, I Googled for current confirmation. ( My two years there was a while back. Ironic that I would get a call today from someone who lived in the same colony three houses down.)

    This site made me wonder about the hertz, though. They give the following warning: "Remember: no matter what type of plug an outlet might accept, voltage in India is 230V 50Hz." 50 Hz is not 60 Hz.


    This parent site gives more details:


    This is the plug to which I referred:


    This is a variant with ground:


    The note indicates that it fits into other style outlets that have round holes and flat slots together. I did not see an illustration of it but the notes for Italy gives evidence of multi pin style plug-ins.

    The multi outlet accepts type D round pins and type G flat pin plugs as well.

    Are you going to be in a hotel? Batteries are the universal power source. Have you considered a battery backup power source? ( I spent 2 years in Tahiti as well but we were not in hotels and rarely had electricity so I do not recall plugging things in! Our cassette tape recorder just use C cell batteries. According to the charts, Tahiti has continental European outlets AND US two prong outlets. The memory fades and experiences differ.)


    I found a site that shows the dual plug with round and flat:


    UK, India and Britan are shown side by side, The double round plug is the old, universal pin configuration.

    I would worry about the proper Hertz, first. Look at the listing for "Our Smallest Transformer" on the walkabout website. I mentions iPods specifically.
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    One more update,

    this site:


    includes the following statement that confirms and contradicts my concerns about 50 Hz.

    "The other difference between electricity is the cycles per second, or Hertz (Hz.) Countries either use 60 Hz. (such as in North America) or 50 Hz. (such as in Europe.) There is a fairly close correlation between 110 V/60 Hz. and 220 V/50 Hz but there are many exceptions. Most electronic devices will not be affected by the cycle change. (But you need to make sure.)"

    Also good reading about Tesla: