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Im trying to format my sisters ipod video. It says that it is corrupted. When I hit the restore button, it says i'm not connected to the internet. If I wasn't connected to the internet I wouldn't be writing this post

Windows XP Pro
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    try restarting your pc and try restoring your ipod again
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    Ok. I got one step closer maybe but still doesn't work

    WHen I hit the restore button, it now says There was a problem downloading the update, requested resource not found.

    I really need to format this

    What can I do?????
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    Does anyone know what I can do?
    Can they fix it for you at an apple store?
    Or does one have to call first?
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    you dont have to call to see someone if your taking it to an apple store just walk in and infrom them about your problem.
    if you cant find help here try googling for a solution. if you get an error message number type that in google and see if you can find a solution to your problem using that.

    try this as well uninstall itunes and reinstall it again it might be that the itunes registry is curropted
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    Thanks for the new info
    I also googled ipod issues and found this

    SUPER FIX SOLUTION - I like the sound of that

    I will try this when I get home from work
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    it probably wont work, because of the following: your ipod updater doesnt seam to work...

    my advice, if you have an other computer, donwload itunes and dowload the last update and restore the ipod.
    if you dont have another pc, you can also chose to do the following:(you need the ipod instalation disk)

    uninstall itunes,
    and try using the ipod updater, if you dont haveit it should be in the instalation disk, if you have it and it doesn't work, uninstal it and re install i
    finaly, restore with the ipod updater and reinstall itunes

    (if you dont have the cd, here is a link for the ipod updater http://www.ipodwizard.net/updaters/windows/iPodSetup%202006-06-28.zip)

    I know its annoying but it might be the only way to do it if itunes cant download the last firmware
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    I tried everything. I tried all the steps that all of you mentioned. Nothing worked.
    I uninstalled iTunes, and just installed ipod updater. Restarted computer many times. But it doesnt work. The updater says it can't mount ipod.
    Not even the format tool worked
    I think I will have to bring it into the apple store
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    have you tried reseting the iPod? might help. otherwise apple store is your best bet.
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    last thing you might try...

    get it to work as a disk...

    do... reset and imediately press click + play pause

    all with the cable conected

    if this finaly doesnt work, take it to ipod service

    i hope this might help you
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    Heya MLS,

    I'm getting the SAME EXACT errors you do and messages. I can't do squat with it, nothing wants to work. Read my thread below and if you get answers on this one let me know, and I will do the same. If you make it to the Apple store before me, please post back as to what they said.


    Ipod w/video 30gb   Windows XP Pro  
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    Interesting, I didnt know the ipod could go into disk mode.

    So I put the ipod into disk mode like you said and it worked. iTunes recognized my ipod right away. iTunes recognized the serial number also. So I was finally able to restore the ipod. I guess thats why the restore didn't work because there was no serial number

    BUT, here is the thing.
    I let the restore do its thing, when finished reseted the ipod and nothing happened. It was back to its old self just like before. Didnt recognize anything. Reseted many times, restarted computer many times, I also put to disc mode many times, Not even disk mode was recognized in iTunes. No serial number.

    Looks like I will be visiting apple store
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    Strange, mine won't pick up anywhere, computer or Itunes. It thinks very very hard on finding it and connecting to it then when it does and i click on the drive in My Computer or click on restore it thinks again for a long time then freezes my ipod and it doesn't talk to the computer anylonger.

    Sigh, won't be able to make it to the apple store until this weekend.
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    Good that you managed to conect it, bad you couldn't make your ipod work...

    advice, try again and try to do what i've explained in here

    which is downgrading your ipods firmware insted of installing the last one...

    if this finaly doesn't work, well, go to an apple store...

    hope you solve this
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    Well. I tried again with the latest iTunes to format. Itunes actually recognized the ipod with the serial number

    And during restore procedure it stoped and gave me an eror