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Hi there,

When creating a new smart playlist in iTunes, the tracks seem to alway be in a random order by default. You'll notice this if you choose to sort the playlist by using custom ordering (the far left column).

It's a bit of a problem because I like to create smart playlists that contain several related albums, and then rearrange the albums to my liking. With the way it is now, I have to first rearrange the tracks to their proper order (which is a bit tedious). And then I can finally get to rearranging the albums.

It would sure be nice if there was an easy way to at least correct the order of the tracks after the fact. Perhaps something in the contextual menu when you select several tracks (like: "Arrange Selection by Track #"). That option would only be available if you have the playlist sorted by the far left column.

Or better yet, let me sort the tracks using one of the other columns (such as "album"), and then have an option in the main menu to "Use Current Order as Default Order" (that would set the custom order of the tracks to the order they happen to be in at that moment).

Thanks for listening,

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