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Ok, get this.

I use my ipod in school since some of the teachers are perfectly fine with it. but lucky me my ipod (video) doesnt appear in my pocket after one period.

Now im gunna assume the worst, that somebody found it and instead of returning it kept it and is using it.

Now since iTunes keeps track of your iPod's serial number when you update it (I found this right now by doing the Run Diagnostics for the iPod selection)...

Since iTunes connects to apple.com (or whatever website it may) and has the serial number in the files, can apple be informed when a specific serial number is used on an iTunes?

Like since i know the serial number of my iPod that was lost can apple keep watch of this serial number to see if its used on another computer?

And if apple can, is there a way to check the ip adress/street adress/last name even of whoever may be using it.

I know im most likely royaly boned but im gunna try anything to get this back.

Thanks for any help or any comments.