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Hey, I am new to the world of macs. I have the 20" iMac. How and when would I need to reset my RAM? sorry if this is a stupid question, I am just curious as to why and how you reset it.

20" iMac 2ghz core duo 512mb RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Reset RAM? Perhaps you've heard about Mac users resetting PRAM?


    Parameter RAM and the associated battery is where certain settings are held when the iMac is off or unplugged. This article gives details.


    To reset the PRAM (which is a common troubleshooting technique) hold down the Apple, Option P and R keys immediately after the start-up chime. Let them go after you hear the chime again. This article expands.


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    Hi mac fan,

    When would be when you have a problem where the excellent folks on these forums suggest that it could be ram related.

    On mine, see below, you push them in flush with fingers and then clip them down.
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    Thank you both of you for your help. Those articles are really good mrtotes, thanks!