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For Macs not originally equipped with Bluetooth hardware Apple used to recommend purchasing D-Link's DBT-120 (rev. B or later). If I understand correctly, after pluggin-in the device it was necessary to run Apple's Bluetooth Firmware update 1.3.3 to get it working.
The DBT-120 device may still be available for purchase in some parts of the world but in Europe D-Link is now selling the replacement DBT-122 (no revision is indicated). The device is advertised as being 'Mac-compatible (check, for instance, http://www.dlink.co.uk/?go=gNTyP9CgrdFOIC4AStFCF834mptYKO9ZTdvhLPG3yV3oVIF+h6ltb NlwaaFp6DQoHDrqyyRF/okIB9vv ).
My problem is after having plugged-in my brand new DBT-122 onto an USB port of my 'old' G4 eMac, I can get my Bluetooth Mighty Mouse working, or my Bluetooth Apple Keyboard working, BUT NOT BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. When I have them both connected, disconnections occur all the time (either the mouse or the keyboard, apparently at random).
Tried to run Bluetooth Updater 1.3.3 but the thing tells me that there is no Bluetooth device to update. I suppose it is loooking for a DBT-120 and I have a DBT-122.
Anyone with a suggestion on anything I should try to have both my mouse and keyboard working via my new bluetooth adpater?
(No use to contact D-Link support, they don't know anything about Macs and the only thing they have been instructed to respond is 'its an Apple problem'. And they charge you for that - the hotline is expensive!)

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    i'm having the same problem. The Apple Store recommends purchasing the D-Link DBT-120, but doesn't actually sell it since it has been superceded by the DBT-122 in Europe. Apple should know this. While D-Link market the DBT-122 as the replacement for the DBT-120 that is also compatible with Macs, from what i have been able to find out the 120 and the 122 use different chipsets and OSX cannot recognize all the features of the DBT-122's firmware. That is also why OSX's firmware updater software doesn't work with the DBT-122.

    Like you, i can get the DBT-122 to work with either the keyboard or mouse but not both at the same time.

    In any case even if you got both the keyboard and mouse working wirelessly there would be no way of waking the computer from sleep since the 'allow bluetooth device to wake computer from sleep' option is greyed out - this is only available if the firmware is supported. Presumably Apple will have to release software to support the DBT-122, if the earlier model is no longer in production. I think both Apple and D-Link are at fault here.
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    I think it unlikely that Apple will release a firmware update for the 122 - they are only really interested in getting you to buy new Macs with BT built in.

    Although I sympathise with you on this I was easily able to buy the supported 120 model on ebay a couple of days ago for my sister - In fact there are two of them on there today, and a 122 that is marketed as Windows only............

    D-Link will not do anything to help either as the days of USB BT adapters are numbered.
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    Just checked the D-Link UK website and it bizzarely states that the DBT-122 is compatible with OS X 10.2.8 and 10.3.5 ONLY, go figure...........