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Hello all,

I have a little 2.5'' USB HD (30 GB Datalux). When connect it while the
computer is on, everything works fine.

But when the device is allready conncted before I turn on the computer it doesn't work. It is shown as a "USB Mass storage device" in the system profiler and the disc utility also shows the drive, but not the parition on it. No icon in the finder. The LED on the drives is on and I can hear the drive rotating.

When I pull of the cable and put it back in after a few seconds it works correctly and I get the icon in the finder.

This is the same on two Macs (Intel MacBook Core Duo and iMac G5 Rev.A).

I would like to leave the drive connected to the iMac most of the time, but this doesn't work because of this problem.


MacBook 2GHz, iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.7)