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squeezilbob Level 1 (0 points)
Earlier it started charging while I was busy setting it up, and now I can't get it to finish charging, what should I do?

Windows XP
  • btabz Level 7 (26,635 points)
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    Is it not showing anything, or is it just showing Charging but never Charged?

    Does this help?

    How long have you been charging it? Are you charging it through your computer?

  • squeezilbob Level 1 (0 points)
    All it shows is the "Do not disconnect" screen, I've had it plugged in for at least a couple hours or so, but it isn't saying that it's charging, and yes, I am doing it through the computer, or at least trying to.
  • KaeBFly Level 4 (1,700 points)
    Look at the right hand corner of the iPod. There should be a small battery icon there. It is very small. It is probably charging. If you really want to make sure then eject your iPod from iTunes if you are done syncing so that you can see the larger battery icon display once the "Do Not Disconnect" message goes away
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    Hi! I have a similar problem. When I plug my ipod to my laptop (Windows XP) it shows the apple sign and then subsequently a "very low battery" notice with an image of the battery and it does this over and over again. And suddenly, (out of nowhere) iTunes recognizes it, and then after a couple of seconds, it just disconnects and stops recognizing the iPod (so then it's back to the apple sign and then the low battery sign). Once in a while (normally shortly before iTunes recognizes the iPod) it beeps and says "do not disconnect" but it stops just as randomly. I can't even get to the main page where the small battery sign normally is when it's charging (on the top right,isnt it?) It doesnt matter how long I leave the iPod connected. It doesnt charge. What do i do?