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Okay, this is my first and possibly last post here, I just thought that I should write my solution to this problem as there are a lot of people suffering with a corrupt iPod. I will first recommend you read this topic also if you're still having problems

This will be a long post (sorry), so I'll break things up into an EXPLANTION of the problem and the SOLUTION as I think some people will be thankful for a bit of insight and some people just want a solution.
read on...

My problem occured when receiving a second hand iPod, it had some bugs, stutters and general problems so I tried a restore, this is where my real problems started. After the restore music would not always copy correctly to the iPod, some times returning with a "Windows Delayed Write Failure", also some songs and videos would not play sometimes requiring a restart (reset), sometimes they would return me to the menu straight, and sometimes they would play fine. Also the hard disk would make a lot of fuss just to select certain songs or videos, I would even have trouble booting the iPod or detecting in iTunes.
These things led me to believe either: The hard disk was cactus; The hard disk had bad sectors; Or there was a file system error on the hard disk.
When the iPod got really bad it wouldn't properly detect in iTunes, iPod Access, Anapod or Windows, it wouldn't restore in iTunes, and I couldn't access it through windows explorer even in disk mode as it claimed the disk or the control folder had corrupted.
Using some diagnostic tools I discovered the problem was nothing more than a simple and easily fixed FAT32 filesystem error.
The problem is that the iPod uses a FAT32 filesystem which is a 'kind of unstable' but not yet redundant filesystem we used back in the Windows 98 days, I assume it uses this filesystem for compatability reasons as pretty much any pc with Windows 98 or above can access FAT32.
FAT32 stores files in chains, linking one file to another, and branching out like a tree, this system is very easily corruptable due to anything from bad shutdowns or yanking the dock cable of the iPod during copying.

1:(optional) Check your iPod by reseting it and when the apple logo first appears hold the middle select button and the rewind button to enter a diagnostic mode. Then press the menu button to enter manual testing. Scroll down to IO and press select, then select the hard disk option, then select the hard disk specs option. Read the data to check your hard disk is detected as the correct size (30Gb in my case), if it isn't then reset the iPod and repeat this step until the hard disk detects as the correct size.

2:Reset your iPod, as the apple logo appears hold down the middle select button and the play button, it will then boot to a screen with a tick in the middle and it will say Disk Mode along the top of the screen.

3: Now load iTunes and then plug the iPod into your computer and let it detect. iTunes should detect your iPod though it may not properly detect it. If iTunes doesn't detect an iPod AT ALL then reset your iPod and repeat steps 2 & 3 until it does.

4: Now your iTunes should display your iPod or an iPod just call IPOD, click on your iPod and restore, you can use the same version software or update - it doesn't matter. Even if your iPod normally recieves an error when retoring it SHOULD restore as long as you're in disk mode. When it is done restoring DO NOT UNPLUG THE IPOD, just let iTunes redetect it.

5: Now go to My Computer and right click on your iPod (could be called Removable Disk and go to properties. Now click on the tools tab and run Scandisk (Check Disk). In the scandisk box that opens tick both check boxes (fix automatically and surface scan) and click run, this will take a while but when it's done go to iTunes and eject the iPod, unplug it from the computer, and reset it.
You have jsut fixed your iPod.

Please if you use this solution and it works for you, post your thanks or comments so I know my time wasn't wasted writing this.

Athlon XP, Windows XP Pro
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    Wow, that's a patient iPod user! I would have tossed it prior to finishing the instructions, let alone figuring it out. Good for you!
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    I created this guide because iPod corruption seems like a huge problem affecting and frustrating many many users and without a clear solution, just browsing these forums is proof of that. We don't all have the time/money/inclination/money or money to send our iPod's off for repair, or to buy new ones, or to throw out our iPod's because of a seemingly unfixable problem.
    I hope this guide helps out those of us that don't have money spewing out of our "you know whats".
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    Ok, when i was tryin to do the "restore" part of this, a messege came up with error number "[1418]" and my iPod froze again. Any ideas?
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    Okay, before we start...
    The iPod MUST BE booted into Disk Mode to be able to complete a restore in iTunes. Double check that you've done this. Boot into Disk Mode THEN boot iTunes THEN plug your iPod in to the pc. You should be able to do a restore once it detects (like I said in the main post, the iPod will probably only half detect).
    You could also try a scandisk BEFORE & AFTER restoring, but in my case I could only scandisk the iPod after restoring.
    Failing doing these things, just post a reply here and we'll try something else...
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    I am also having problems restoring my Ipod, even while in disk mode. This is quite frustrating!
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    Assuming you've followed ALL the steps correctly and in order and your iPod still won't restore in iTunes, the only option remaining is a regular full windows format of the iPod.
    1: Go to My Computer after mounting your iPod in Disk Mode (absolutely neccessary). Right click on your iPod (maybe seen as Removable Disk) and go to format.

    2: In the box that opens you should see some options, UNCHECK Quick Format and make sure that it's going to format it as FAT32, then click Format. This will scrub your iPod clean, replacing the filesystem entirely. THIS IS NOT A RESTORE, you may need to unmount and reset your iPod into regular mode when this is done, but I'd probably just skip resetting it and go straight into iTunes.

    3: Load iTunes and plug your iPod back in to do a restore and get the iPod up and running again.

    1: I never mentioned this in the main post because it should be an absolute last resort. Having your iPod's Hard Disk running constantly for as long as it takes to do a full format can slightly reduce the iPods lifespan, but if it's necessary (and only when necessary) I can't see the harm. The same goes for a scandisk surface scan. The iPods hard disk isn't made to be running constantly so bear that in mind.

    2: All things don't work for all people, the only way I can make a clear & concise guide is by getting as much detailed feedback as I can, so if this works for you or not, I'd like to hear from you.

    3: An iPod hard disk like any hard disk is still prone to bad sectors (rare as they are). Distinguishing the difference between a filesystem error and some bad sectors on a corrupt iPod is a job in itself, also bear that in mind.
    Good luck!
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    when i try to restore my brand new IPOD...i get the message "There was a problem downloading the ipod software for the ipod "ipod". The requested resourc3e could not be found... what should i it normal to hear a grinding sound from the hard made the noise when it first screwed up but now it wont do it....i can do everything you said to do except when i go to my computer and click on removable disk everything stops responding...
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    alright... this one's for raab in Montana
    I'll break your question down into parts to make things easier.
    1: The download error. I don't think your problem is actual iPod corruption per se, it sounds more like an Internet download problem. iTunes requests software (firmware) updates from the server for you and downloads it to your computer, Then updates your iPod. If the problem is that iTunes can't download the software then all the restoring/formatting and scandisking in the world won't help you. I really need a little more info but I think this may help: Are you on ADSL? Alot of Internet providers will not give you a static IP unless you ask and/or pay for one. Long story short, If you are behind a router, gateway or firewall your pc may be blocking the ports that iTunes requires for it's update service. One solution would be to boot your pc into safe mode, cancel the restore option and when your pc is finished booting just try to update your iPod through iTunes. Using safe mode means most antivirus/firewall services won't be running so you may be able to update that way. If not? Well post me some info on your internet connection, all I need to know is if you're on ADSL or not, and what make and model of router you use if you have one. In the mean time, try taking your iPod to a friends pc and installing iTunes and updating it there, if it works there then you'll know it's your pc/setup. Oh well, let me know.

    2: The grinding noise? They do make a noise when scanning through looking for songs and the like, and sometimes they do it for a while but I'm not sure if I'd describe the sound as "grinding". Perhaps if my first answer didn't help then you have bigger problems (hardware problems) I'm not sure, if I could hear your iPod from Australia I'd be able to tell you if it's alright or not.

    3: I mentioned above that my main posts are fixes not to be undertaken unless your iPod has similar symptoms to mine, I cannot stress enough that things like scandisk and format are NOT supposed to be run on an iPod, at least not on a regular basis, and definatly not one after the other. IF ANYBODY'S iPOD DOES NOT EXIHIBIT THE SYMPTOMS IN THE MAIN POST DO NOT USE THE FIX. In particular Raab, your problem seems to be elsewhere.

    Let me know how you go...
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    well i am behind a router so i took to my GF's house and the IPOD wouldnt update there either....since its brand new and i hve the extended warranty im going to send it in...i cant run scandsik or anything on it and a repair company told me its probably because the hard drive is toast....but...your fixes did helpfix me ladys runs way better now...
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    Yeah, probably best to send it in, I don't think corruption was your problem anyway. Good for your lady friend though, great to hear this is helping people out.
    Thanks for feedback.
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    BTW i learned that there is a diagnostic mode on these ipod...instead of menu and select you push reverse and select...
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    Yeah, that was mentioned in one of the main posts. But if anyone can post the diagnostic boot command for older iPods that'd be great, as these fixes will work on any Hard Disk driven iPod (conditions apply).

    Keep posting the feedback, it is very helpful.
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    actually a friend of mine said he had an older ipod that he was ******* around with and when he reformatted it the comp uter wouldnt recognize it as an ipod anymore
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    Yep that'd be about right. In my last post I said a couple of things, that these fixes are cool for older iPods as well and that these fixes are cool for any Hard Disk driven iPod. I said "older iPod" because I'm not sure if there is an older Video iPod than a 30Gig, to clarify a little, these fixes are cool for any Hard Disk driven Video iPod, because as far as I know (help me out here)only the Video iPods have Hard Drives and these fixes are for fixing said Hard Drives.
    But maybe you can help your friend a little.
    You see, I'm going to assume he has a regular iPod just for music and without video. This means the iPod uses flash memory instead of a hard drive. This would explain his formatting problems. Two solutions here.
    1: This one's a bit obvious but... A regular iTunes restore should help, assuming iTunes will detect the iPod. since this is so obvious, I'll just skip to the next point.
    2: Get someone else with the same model iPod (nano if your friend has a nano for example). ON THEIR COMPUTER (important) use a hard disk cloning tool (yeah I know, his iPod uses flash memory but this should work still) to clone the other persons entire iPod to an image. This should be harmless for the other persons iPod since no data should be written to the iPod, only read from it; NOTE Make sure the destination image doesn't go on the person's iPod your working with, stick it on their Hard Disk.
    THEN... Take the image home, reformat the iPod (it's already stuffed anyway so this is worth a shot) and use THE SAME cloning tool to unpack the image onto your stuffed iPod. Unplug the iPod, reset it, plug it into iTunes and restore it.

    What will this do? Hopefully take a working filesystem & software off an already working iPod to write onto yours after the format that should never have been done, thus getting it running again.

    If your friend is game enough to try all that, then let me know how it goes, it's a simple operation but it can seem complex depending on your level of computer savvy. If this solution is no good then post me details on his model of iPod.
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