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Today I changed my computer, I installed Itunes again and got the newest version. But when I plug mi Ipod it says it's corrupt. Sometimes nothing happens at all. In my previous computer I never had a problem.
Why is this happening? Thank you very much.

Windows XP
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    Well..I am kind of in the same boat. I just received the Black 80GB Video iPod. Now mind you, I have had an iPod before, so I am familiar with it all. But this one decided to corrupt itself within the 2 days I have had it. I am not sure what caused it, whether it be the latest version of iTunes (which I have read has some bugs) or something I loaded onto it (music, movies, tv shows, etc.). Who knows? What I do know is that it is constantly in the Do Not Disconnect screen with the round "NO" symbol above it. I have tried to reset it with and without connecting it to the computer. If it is not connected, it tells me in 4 different languages to connect it to the computer. And when I do it flashes DO NOT DISCONNECT and charges the battery. After awhile it freezes on that screen. I have tried to restore it.....on two different computers, different USB ports and I keep getting the same message. It will attempt to restore with the progess bar going back and forth...and depending where the IPOD is in it's frozen or unfrozen state, the computer eventually gives me the message The iPod "iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error ocurred (1418). What the heck do I do. This all started when my iPod would not turn off. So I decided to hook it up to my computer to refresh it or something. But then I found out it is CORRUPT. How it got that way, I do not know. Any suggestions anyone? All I want to do is restore the ** thing so I can reload all my stuff back onto it. I am in Denver at the moment by the way...trying to get back to LA...so the suggestion of going to the Apple store will not fly at the moment. No pun intended. I am looking for a good ol' home remedy. There has to be something I can do. Anyone? Please.
    This has been an all day uphill battle by the way. Borderline Nuts at the moment.
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    Hi Andres. Have you tried to Restore the iPod? If you haven't, you can restore the iPod by clicking on the Restore button on the Summary page in iTunes when your iPod is plugged in to the computer.
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    I did't restore it because I don't want to lose the thins i have inside. the funny thing is that when I connect it to my previous computer I works just fine, but in the new one it says it's corrupt. Could the problem be Itunes?
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    Did you try to reset your iPod? You can try resetting your iPod so you won't have to worry about losing your data by performing a restore.

    You can't really turn off your iPod. You can put your iPod to sleep by holding down the play/pause button for a few seconds.

    Somewhere on Apple's site I read that you must have the same version of iTunes on both computers if you are going back and forth. What version of iTunes did you have on your older computer? On your new computer.

    Do you know which version of the iPod software you have? The new iPods won't work as well with older iPod software. If you have sync'd your new iPod to an older iTunes then you may not have the newer software for your iPod which might be why you are having problems only on the newer computer. If that is the case, then make a backup of your music and do a restore of your iPod.
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    i'm having the same problem!i tried resetting, etc-still getting the "do not disconnect" error message. i'm afraid my ipod is going to burn out. now i can't even open itunes up on my computer!help... PLEASE!!

    ps i hope you got home-it was a great day here in LA-
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    I've had the same issue but in reverse. First computer and 30 GB ipod went corrupt. Did the 5Rs and more... Nothing. Installed software on fresh computer and the ipod works. Tried a second ipod (nano) and same thing--first computer that used to work says both ipods are corrupt and second computer works with both flawlessly.

    The only thing I can figure is something about the Apple software gets "lost" when reinstalling since I see the "autoplay" looking for some software/hardware location??? Also when trying to "restore," itunes says it can't find the appropriate file or location... Don't get it...

    30 GB iPod, 4GB nano 2G, gateway desktop, dell laptop   Windows XP  
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    The problem is with the iPod itself and so you'll need to restore the iPod. You should have all your media that's on the iPod in iTunes and if that's the case then after you restore the iPod, all your media will be copied back over to it automatically.
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    My problem is that my old computer doesn't work any more, it's dead, so my music is onnly in the ipod, so I don't won't to resotre it until i can pass my music somewhere else, but I don't know how since i can't get my computer to read the Ipod.
    thank you