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  • stickman_dj Level 1 Level 1
    Either the GL2 or the DVX will work well in FCP for what you are doing. The DVX however IMO is worth the extra money because it has better audio with built-in XLR inputs and it shoots 30P. That being said neither of these cameras have native 16:9 chips if that is important to you.
  • Jerry Hofmann Level 9 Level 9
    30p rocks for the web, and that camera is the hands down winner in the class it's in... the pictures it makes simply are better than anything under 5k...

  • Christopher Meinck Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for all of your help. I just ordered the Panasonic DVX100B, tapes, firewire cable and a protective filter. Over the next few days, I'll be adding a tripod, lapel mic and light. Looking forward to starting the project and I'm sure there will be more questions.
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