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What's a smart playlist and what's the difference between a "Smart Playlist" and a playlist? I do not understand the whole "Smart Playlist" thing.

Please someone explain it.

Thanks, I am kind of simple with playlists because I've been using Windows Media Player for 6 years and iTunes for 3 or 4 months.

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  • fmcrews Level 2 (180 points)
    If anyone needs a little more information to answer my questions please let me know, I will let you know the info you need asap. I am always online so it won't be much of a wait.
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    Smart playlists have rules setup that detemine contents of the playlist. The default playlists are smart playlists.

    Recently added is stuff added in the last two weeks.

    To see rules for a smart playlist right click on name of playlist and select edit.

    It has been awhile but I think that the 90s playlist is default also. I added others for 80s and 2000s. These are basically limited to tracks with dates in the appropriate decades.

    Smart playlists can be simple or fairly complicated. If set to auto update or whatever it is called they will adjust the contents of the playlist as your library changes.

    Regular playlists only contain what you put in them yourself.
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    Just a simple playlist has no criteria set up for content, you simply drag & drop whatever songs you wish to the empty playlist in the source pane. A smart play list can be made by setting up specific criteria to choose what music would go into the playlist. To use one of my SPL's for example, it's a modification from the "my top rated playist", I call it my "lost favorites" list. The criteria I have set up for it are: "My rating is greater than 3 stars", I have limited the number of songs to 100, the selected by "least often played". You can set up SPL's by about any criteria you can think of. I have some that are simply set up by artist, then least often played or most often played. It just depends on what you want to do.