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Again this morning I open iphoto to work on deleting about 80% of the 500 shots I took last night and 3 from the end iphoto just quits. When I restart all the 400 odd photo's that I have deleted are back. This is happening all of the time and frankly all the hype about macs not crashing compared to PC's is turning out to be just that - hype.

Its other favourite trick is to quit after I have spent an hour building a photo book - I go to upload it gets about 80% the way through and bang, all of my work gone.

Firstly, why has this app not got a 'Save' option so that I can keep the WORK that I am doing and not WASTE MY TIME? Am I over loading it with 11000 photo's? Is the hard-disk too full? I have 14GB free. I'm running iphoto 5.0.4 (263) on an imac G5 with 2.5GB of Ram. Do I need iLife 6? Do I need a more powerful Mac? I don't care what the solution is I just want my Mac to do what it says on the ads and NOT CRASH!!!

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Photos are not really deleted until you empty the iPhoto trash. Sometimes iPhoto doesn't like its Trash to get too full. Can you do it in batches of about 100 at a time? Drag 100 to the iPhoto trash, then choose iPhoto > Empty Trash. Once you do this they will be gone and can't come back.

    With the book, even if the upload fails the book should still be in your Source pane, unchanged. Is yours there? Exactly what is gone?

    There may be a corrupted file in your library that causes the unstability. Have you tried letting iPhoto do a database rebuild? Does iPhoto crash in every user account, or just one? You can test by creating a new, non-administrative user and running iPhoto from there with a test library. Is iPhoto the only app that is unstable, or are you having other crashes?

    Anyway, your specs sound sufficient, and this behaviour is definitely not normal. Hopefully the people here can help you find the culprit and get you running with stability. First step, try to delete as I described and let us know if you are able to successfully empty the trash.
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    On second thought, perhaps 14GB free storage is beginning to push the Mac's limit. It is recommended you keep a minimum of 10 - 15% free on your hard drive. What is your drive's total capacity? Lori diloreto told someone with 10 free GB that this may be the cause of major malfunctions. So you're hovering awfully close to the limit. Perhaps you should consider freeing up some storage by using an external hard drive.