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Photos for Mac
Hi, will photo books printed from Aperture give me better quality than photo books from iPhoto 6? This will help me decide if I should buy Aperture or not.
Is it true that Aperture prints books at 300 dpi and iPHoto at 150 dpi?

Any advantages to printing photo books in Aperture (what does Aperture photo books do that iPhoto doesn't)?


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  • Bruce MacNeil Level 1 Level 1
    Aperture has much more versatile layout options -

    Though the print quality in iPhoto and Aperture is simply NOT up to a professional standard.
  • cyntlee Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac
    It's too bad that even Aperture's photo books are not as good as they should be for professionals. But I guess we can't compare photo prints with the printing press at these price levels. I think I will download the trial Aperture and send off a book or two and try the layouts as you mentioned.

  • ClaireUK Level 1 Level 1
    Aperture and iPhoto both print at 300dpi. iPhoto 6 prints at 300dpi. If you have a previous version, ie, 5, then it will print at 150dpi. Aperture gives you more advanced layout options, but doesn't include a medium book size.
  • Eric Piercey Level 2 Level 2
    I don't know which service is better. The booklayout can be exported to PDF (at least in Aperture) which can then be taken to a print shop, if you want guaranteed professional results.
  • Don O'Shea Level 1 Level 1
    Recently I uploaded and had printed a hardbound book that had been designed within Aperture. Prior to this, I have used iPhoto to produce 10 such books starting back in 2002. I have always chosen the picture book format because it provided the largest images.

    This time I used Aperture because it allows large images with small captions and a good deal or freedom of length and placement.I particularly appreciated the good snap placement between the pictures and other captions. The ease of producing 2 page spreads was impressive. The book ran 84 pages and the quality of the resulting was very good–on a par with my other Apple photo books.

    On only one occasion have I had a problem with quality control of these books. In that case an a good high resolution image was pixelated. In that case, I was able to call Apple and speak to someone, who after hearing my description, asked me to send my copy back and issued a reprint order.

    My only bit of consternation with this order is that I found no such contact information enclosed with the book.

    Finally, I haven't seen any specific suggestions within this formum for third-party print houses that can produce good quality books. Just assertions that alternatives do exist. I would be willing to strip down the .pdf file of the book I have just created to some of the trickier images and see how these one of these print houses fare.

    Here to an Aperture New Year!
    Don O'Shea
  • cyntlee Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac
    Hi everyone, and aperture NY too!

    I have been doing some research and found that the method used for printing is "print-on-demand" or digital printing. (You can search google for online services) or digital printing services in your area. If you use a lupe, you can see screen dots such as in 4-color printing, but 4-color printing is too expensive since it requires creating plates and set-up charges. So with this method, a pdf file is output directly from computer to a digital printer that uses CMYK inks (but your file is still RGB).
    I guess I can download the trial of Aperture and make a book for comparison! The landscape 2-page spread sounds good.
    Much thanks