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Is it because i synced it with a different computer.If not, what was it.

Windows XP
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    How you delete content from your iPod depends how you have it set to update. If the songs on your iPod are showing up "grey" then it's on automatic:

    When you are updating automatically then delete the files from the iTunes library and next time you connect they will automatically be deleted from your iPod. Highlight the file and press the delete key on your keyboard, or right click and choose either Clear or Delete, depending on which version of iTunes you are using.

    If this is not the computer your originally added the songs from the iPod needs to be set to manual update before you can delete anything from it. If you are updating manually, connect your iPod and click on the icon when it shows in the iTunes 7 source list click on the chevron > to the left of the iPod icon This will display the various icons for the iPod itself, Music, Movies, TV Shows and Playlists. Click on Music and you'll see the traditional song view. Find the files on your iPod that you want to remove, highlight them and delete directly.

    To select multiple items such as all the songs in an album, click on the first track in the list hold down the shift key and click on the last track to highlight the selection. Then press the delete key.

    To summarise, you start by highlighting the song/video/selection in either the iTunes library or on the iPod song list as displayed in iTunes then press the delete key on your keyboard: Deleting songs or playlists from your iPod
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    Come On people. I need help!
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    You need help AND you need to have a little patience! I assume AFTER you posted your follow up only 4 minutes later, you then saw Zevoneer gave you some advice?

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    You waited an entire 4 minutes, on a holiday, before bumping your thread to complain that no one was helping you?
    That's got to be some sort of record.
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    Not to hijack this thread, but what if you want to keep the songs on iTunes but delete them off of the iPod? Say I have 1 playlist that I want to delete from the iPod, but want to keep that list on iTunes, what do I do?

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    To keep songs on the iPod and remove them from iTunes requires the iPod to be put into manual mode...

    Managing content manually on iPod

    iPod: Frequently Asked Questions

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    Thanks for the reply, but reverse it. Want to delete on iPod and keep on iTunes
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    Oops, sorry about that.

    A few methods. One is to set up your ipod to only auto update playlists. You can then create playlists to go on your iPod. Since you can pick which playlists go on the iPod, then you can easily control which songs go on the iPod while everything remains in iTunes.

    Another option is under iTunes preferences, for iPod, select the box that says to only update checked songs. Now only songs in your library that are checked go to the iPod. To remove them from the iPod but leave them in iTunes, simply uncheck those songs and they will be taken out of the iPod.

    You can also manually manage the iPod and then you can delete anything you want from the iPod and it won't effect what is in iTunes. But in manual mode you also have to maually add new stuff to your iPod if you want it there.

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    Thank You

    Unchecking them in iTunes is what I needed.
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    When you connect your iPod, just manually manage your music.


    Then go to your 'Music' Tab within itunes (next to 'Summary' tab) along top. Then it should be self expanatory.